Sairui Mall is a new online shopping mall in China. It functions just like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and many other online shopping sites. Being a new online shopping mall a lot of shoppers will like to explore the site.

Sairui Mall

Sairui Mall

So what are you waiting for drive-in and let’s go shopping especially this season? Sairui is a fully registered business from China, present in Ghana and Nigeria currently. At Samui Mall, you make a profit on your purchase. Let’s see how this works.

Sairui Mall International

Sairui Mall is one of the biggest international shopping sites just like Amazon and others. It is based in China, established in 2008 by Mr, Zhang Yuan one of the prominent entrepreneurs in China. Just got launched in Africa in March 2019.

Furthermore, the gives out 80% of its profits to its members. Using its E-commerce system called the “New Retail” System to give back to members when they buy and sell products online.

Sairui Mall Products

Sairui Mall is a dealer of Quantum energy products that enhances individuals health globally. Here are a few of Sairui products:

  • Quantum energy foot Massager
  • Fuel saver card
  • Quantum energy glasses
  • Beauty sprayer
  • Quantum mobile phone sticker
  • Energy heat and neck instrument.

Sairui Mall Retail Business How does it work?

Sairui is not like every other contemporary shopping site online. Sairui Mall is offering you as a buyer the opportunity to make a profit from every purchase you make. I know it sounds so absurd!

However, when you see any product you like an online store. And for example, such products cost $100 apiece and you ordered them and get them delivered to you. This is a normal process for online purchases. But on Sairui, for ordering the product online, you are offered a two ordering quota in the wholesale section of the store. That means you are given a 60% discount each to order the same product again.

You are also given the option to get them delivered to you or alternatively you are given the privilege to place such items on the marketplace and they would be sold for you within 9 days for $100 each. Wow! This is so amazing. T

o add to it you get both the capital and the profit at any time. This process can be repeated up to three times a month and exist at any time of your choice. At Sairui Mall it is so easy to affiliate with the platform and still make good money and profit.

How to Make Money | Profits in Sairui Mall e-commerce Business

There are six  ways to make profits in Sauiri platform and they are:

Sairui Mall Packages

There are presently four good packages in Sairui called VIPs. That is to so that everyone doing business with them are called VIPs.

  • VIP 1
  • VIP 2
  • VIP3
  • VIP4

On each VIPs level, they carry a price tag according to their levels of registration and activation.

  • VIP1 = $25
  • VIP2 = $50
  • VIP3 = $100
  • VIP4 = $300

The above-mentioned are prices for registration and activation of any package you choose. However, you will need to fund your back office with some amount of money per a VIP level of your choice. Here is the amount expected for funding per VIPs level

  • VIP1 = $54
  • VIP2 = $90
  • VIP3 = $180
  • VIP4 = $540

Note you will be given products worth the amount you fund any of the VIPs.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member is very simple. Just get any of the packages mentioned above, register, activate and start immediately. When you register any of the VIPs packages it qualifies you as a business owner in Sairui Mall.

It makes a sound or seems high fee to register to you but good things don’t always come cheap. Apart from the registration fee, trading capital is the money you fund your back office after registering and it is your personal fund that you can withdraw. But as soon

How to Register

Contact on WhatsApp at +233558160387 for placement. Since it is a link generated.


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