Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay – Review on Samsung Pay and Google Pay


Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system owned by Samsung company while Google Pay is designed by Google. The two pay apps are designed for Payment transaction by the two companies. A lot of users uses each of these payment systems for everyday business transactions, send and receive money from friends and family or split expenses with a group.

Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay

Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay

Also, users can make fast and easy payment on both Google Pay and Samsung Pay app. Users also earn rewards and points for an everyday payment transaction. One may ask he at do these two app does? They are like any other apps that are download and install into your smartphone. It requires your Credit Card, personal information and bank information to set up. Then use for any payment service at the acceptable places. You can go cashless or have little or no cash wherever you go. Let’s continue as we compared Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is an online digital wallet service and a mobile payment app, that is designed by Samsung Electronics and only functions on Samsung devices. The app allows people to make payments using their Samsung smartphone devices. It was the first to launch in South Korea in 2015, and in the USA a week later and in Australia in 2016. Samsung Pay is a minimal service for now since it’s not all regions that support it.

Google Pay

Google Pay was initially called Android Pay, it was open in 2015. And there was already in existence a version of payments by Google known as Google Wallet and Android Pay. Later Google merges the two together to one called Google Pay.

Google Pay is a payment platform just like Samsung too. Google Pay is designed by Google. Its wallets perform online payment too like Samsung Pay. It allows in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to deposits payments with Tables, Android phones, or watches that support and use NFC.

How Does Samsung Pay Works

Samsung Pay uses NFC technology that is built on your Samsung smartphone for payments. However, if you find yourself in a place that does not accept NFC technology, you can conveniently use the MST technology that is designed in the latest Samsung smartphones. The Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) interact straight with the machine and payment are made making it similar to credit card transactions.

Also, Samsung Pay uses Tokenization to access transaction payment with a PIN, Eye Scans and fingerprint. Samsung pays is built with security consciousness. At any point you have any failed attempt to authenticate, Samsung Pay will erase all data in your card to avoid any unauthorized use.

How Does Google Pay Work?

Google Pay uses NFC technology too to enable payment at any place that supports it. First, you’ll have to download the app, fill in your credit card details. This will enable you to use the card, tap your smartphone on the machine and create a payment.

Also, Google Pay function by using a token. The token functions as a stand-in for customers when you’re not using your credit card or debit card numbers and details for security purposes.

Comparison Between Samsung Pay and Google Pay

When it comes to comparing these two Samsung Pay and Google Pay it’s inevitable. Reasons being that they have lots in common in terms of service. They’re very convenient and easy to use, Google pay because of its contactless payments over NFC while Samsung Pay because of its credit card accepted terminals.

According to Google report, Google Pay is available in over 140 countries. According to Samsung, Samsung Pay is supported in 24 countries. Google Pay works with NFC technology and Samsung Pay with Magnetic Field (Credit Cards).

Google pay is compatible with Android enhanced NFC devices while Samsung Pay functions exclusively with Samsung Phones. The NFC technology operates and is acceptable worldwide. While Samsung Pay is restricted to Samsung devices, phones, watches.

The security network on both Pay services is strong and reliable. Google Pay uses tokenization to keep users information safe. Each payment information is encrypted and stored on a secure server. While Samsung Pay uses tokenization and transaction to grant access from users via using fingerprint, PINs and Eye Scans.

To Wrap Up

Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay is best compared by individual choices. There are users that stick to only Samsung devices and others only to Google devices. Therefore this will affect individual choices on payments services they will choose. Another difference between them is the number of supported devices and country Generally, Google Pay seems to have wider coverage than Samsung Pay since they function with Android phones. Samsung works only on Samsung products.

However, No matter how much we review Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay it still drawdown to individual preferences. Also, the type of phone you are using for Google Pay the best phone recommended is Google Pixel 4 Smartphone and Samsung Pay, Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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