The Scottish building society is a mutual building society that is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has been recorded as one of the oldest building societies in the world, 42nd largest in the United Kingdom concerning total assets. This bank was founded in the year 1848. It was as Edinburgh Property Investment Company. It was later renamed in the year 1929 as the Scottish Building Society.


This bank has six branches in Galashiels, Glasgow, Inverness, Troon, Aberdeen, Edinburgh. The Bank is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK having Mark Thomson as the chief executive. Scottish building society offers financial services such as insurance. Also mortgage, savings, etc.

Scottish Building Society Savings Accounts

There are several savings accounts offered. So as to help users in every way. Those needed also to help them achieve their goal.

  • Loyalty cash ISA; this savings account gives users instant access to their cash anytime they need it. This account includes tiered interest rates. Also, tax-free returns are given to users to help their money grow.
  • Instant access Saver; this account is designed for both children and adults. This account allows users to get instant access to their money anytime needed. Users can manage this account can be managed via branch or post.
  • Scottish building society regular saver; this account is an easy way for users to save on a regular basis. Users are given the chance to access their savings after a year, users can also manage this account via branch or post.
  • 30-day notice account; with this account users can earn higher interest on their savings. If they do not want instant access. This account includes free withdrawals with a notice of 30 days. This account also includes minimum investment on a certain account.

Scottish Building Society Financial Planning Insurance

This bank offers solutions to help you when you are in need. They offer financial planning and insurance against any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Scottish Building Society Funeral planning; by paying and planning their funeral in advance. So users can enjoy the relaxation that includes the knowledge that all is taken care of. When this funeral plan is taken your funds are managed caused it is saved in a life assurance company. This funeral plan includes protection against any upcoming cost, complete flexibility to choose the plan that suits you.
  • Financial planning; this bank offers a service that will talk users through their situation financially and also converse your goals with you. This service is given to users to ensure that they are continuously in control, feel valued and trust their finances in the best way they want it. This bank’s aim is to help users guard, preserve and shape their wealth.
  • Scottish Building Society Wills & estate planning; this ensures that your family is protected. This ensures that the lives of those that are important to you are saved. As you write the will you ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes? You also need to provide for your children’s needs financially. To prevent the legal problem and so many more.

Bank with this bank and be ensured of competence.


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