Do you know what secret Facebook groups are? Well if you don’t know what they are, here is your chance. On Facebook, there are groups and pages. And I know by now you already know what Facebook groups are and how they are different from Facebook pages.

Well if you don’t know, here is a short preview of them and their differences. A Facebook group is a place on Facebook where like-minded people meet and share similar interests. A Facebook page on the other hand is a place on Facebook where brands, business, companies, and enterprises promote their brands and products.

Secret Facebook Groups

Secret Facebook Groups

Now that you know what Facebook groups are, here is something you also need to know about them. There are various types of Facebook groups. Well not really types, but privacy options. On Facebook, there are two types of privacy options available to group owners. There is public and private privacy option for groups currently.

The secret group feature on Facebook has been modernized. It’s not that this privacy feature is no longer available on the platform, it’s just that it is carrying a different name. the secret group privacy option is now under the private privacy option.

A secret Facebook group as the name implies is secret. This means that this type of group will not be available or open to all users on Facebook like most groups are.

The features of this type of group with this privacy feature are different from other groups with different privacy options and to take us further in this article, let’s look at the key differences between the public and private groups on the platform.

The Facebook Public And Private Group

On Facebook now, it is either a group that is made public or private. With the private group feature, it can either be visible or hidden. With a public group, anyone on Facebook can see their member’s posts, comment, and share.

But with private, this is not the case as only current members can see members post, comment, and share. When it comes to the list of members in a group, anyone on Facebook can see a public group, but with private groups, only current members can.

But in the aspect of group admins and moderators, everyone on Facebook can see for both public and private groups.

How To Join A Private Facebook Group

Joining a Facebook private or secret group is not the same as a public group. A private group that is not hidden cannot be joined. In order to join a private or secret group on Facebook is by invite only. This means that you will have to be invited by an admin or a moderator of a group before you can be part of that group.


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