Do you want to find out the Secret on how to Pass JAMB 2021/2022? Are you tired of writing jamb several times without good results here are some good tips you need to read before going to the exam hall. In this article, you will be made to understand the things you need to know before your jamb exam.

Secrets on how to Pass JAMB 2021\2022

If you just need the Secret on How to Pass JAMB 2021, then you should stay right on this article, as you will get all the details to help you out.

Sacrifice for Success

Sacrifice is the ability to give up something for other things. So, are you willing to stop what you are doing to make sure you pass your JAMB? Your sacrifice is one of the important keywords you need to understand in life for a successful examination.

Can you leave your friends and go into your secret place to study. Say no to too much sleep. Wake up every night to study for Jamb.

Passion to Pass

The number one price you should pay to pass your JAMB is to ignite your passion for the examination. Action needs passion. The day your passion dies, success will run away from you. You should always have the mindset, that success is yours.

Determination to Win

The strength of every successful student is that they are born to win. When you come across resistance, increase your persistence. With determination, you can achieve your desired score in the JAMB examination. Your determination will make you get the following:

Build a Time Budget

Time budget will help you know the maximum number of minutes you have to spend on the current question before moving on to the next. It will help you pass your JAMB exam. Try to lay down very strict time limits for yourself on each question.

Building a time budget will enhance your speed and accuracy. Do not focus on a question for too long, there is no penalty if you guess and move on. (No Negative Marking).

Make Good Use of Past Questions

If you have never skimmed through any past questions I will tell you, you are not prepared at all. In your present state seek past questions and answer, acquire knowledge, and you are set for your exam.

Study the past questions very well with anyone disturbing you. I would advise that you study at least 10 previous years of past questions and answer for each of your subjects.

Get acquainted with CBT

The Jamb UTME 2020 will be purely a Computer Based Test (CBT), I urge you to make tangible efforts in familiarizing yourself with the CBT atmosphere. If you are computer literate or not, there is nothing to worry about because JAMB has made it easy enough to be apprehended.

Typing your Registration number on the keyboard is as easy as texting on Facebook. What is left is making use of the mouse left button to tick your answers. There is Jamb CBT Software that you can use to practice. I will be recommending the Eduregard Jamb CBT Software.

Turn to GOD

In everything you do, put God first. This is the number one key to success. Let your hope be onto God but not men because men will promise you and fail you, but God’s promise is through your working hard by reading your books then leave the rest for God.

Mind you, not just praying but believing and striving for righteousness would help increase your concentration. God will silence all unforeseen factors that are beyond your power. Commit your study each day into His hands and ask Him for the grace to read, understand and retain. God bless you and your success in your examination.

Jamb CBT

Jamb CBT is the newest way of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to candidates. And one of the successes JAMB has in the past few years is moving from a paper-based test to a computer-based test (CBT).

It has helped to reduce malpractice, save time, and cost-effective means of making UTME a fair place for candidates.

Tips on how to Pass JAMB

If you felt bad when someone told you she/he has written a jamb 6 times then this tip will make you pass your jamb well without fear. But you need to put in your best for a better and pay the price of success:

  • Sacrifice for success.
  • Your Passion to pass.
  • Your Determination to win.
  • Build a Time Budget.
  • Make good use of past questions.
  • Get familiar with CBT.
  • Turn to GOD.

All that you have seen here all talks about the tips to get through your Jamb examination.


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