There is absolutely no doubt we are living in an interesting era! With this, you should See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020. We can equally say that we are in “Pinteresting” times, as Pinterest has reported one of the highest number of searches, link clicks, and saves. There are certain topics are now causing a huge rise in post engagements. Now, this article will be taking you on a walk through the Pinterest trends that you can follow up.

See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020

At a certain time, we can tell that minds are up, the tension is high, the economy is unstable, and all of that! Now, business owners and advertisers using this social network may be wondering what they should post. Let’s dive in, as you get to See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020.

See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020

Perhaps, you have been seeing Pinterest as just any common site to get DIY tutorials, home décor ideas, recipes, fashion pins and all of that. However, the Pinterest Platform itself dropped a comment on the perspective of people. According to Pinterest, “Many people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home décor ideas, and DIY. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic creating new life stressors, more people are turning to Pinterest for their wellbeing and self-care. In fact, Pinterest has seen the highest searches around mental wellness ideas, which includes meditation (+44%), gratitude (+60%), and positivity (+42%) that moved from February to May. Pinners are in search of creating ways to cope with and navigate their “New Normal” so a close look was taken in shifting priorities to understand the trends with will live in 2020”. These are the words from the Pinterest company itself.

What is Trending on Pinterest in 2020?  

Everyone wants to See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020! You certainly want to stay on track whether as a personal user or business owner on this platform. Well, these search trends actually reflect our current situation in life. In this time, so many people are still stuck at home, working from home, trying to engage in one activity or the other all from home. With this, people are discovering new creativity and would love to try out new things.

Let’s check out the most searched topics on this social network recently.

Planning for A Hopeful Future

Would you still love to See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020? If yes, then here’s what you need to take note of. Searches on health, wellness, and skin care topics are actually on high rise. With people looking forward to staying fit in body physique and wellbeing in health, they have been seeking ideas in different ways. Let’s check out a list of these search terms;

  • Stress relief activities (up 4.7x)
  • Exercise routine at home (up 12x)
  • Self-care night routine (up 7x)
  • Kids workout routine (+73%)
  • Gratitude journal prompts (up 8x)
  • Mindfulness activities for kids (up 3x)
  • Productive morning routine (up 6x)

The social media network reported that the searches of these topics actually display how much the world needs ways to cope with this era.

Mindful Living at Home

Currently, pinners are getting creative than ever. They are setting up spaces, in order to come together as one. With this, you should See Pinterest Search Trends for 2020 related to home;

  • Kitchen family rooms (up 14x)
  • Basement game room ideas (up 5x)
  • Modern kids’ playroom (up 4x)
  • Girls game room (up 9x)
  • Boys game room (up 13x)

These are the search trends in the year 2020. Take note!

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