Are you an upcoming artist looking for how to make it big in the music industry? Here is a great opportunity that might very well change your life. You see quite a lot of people think you have to be signed by a record label or you have to be a part of a music band to make it with music, well let me surprise you the case today is different as the internet has come into the picture.

Most individuals nowadays wonder, how I Sell My Music Online, what is the right way to Sell My Music Online would be recognized if I Sell my Music Online, and so on.

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Sell My Music Online

If you want to sell your music online and you are thinking if you would be recognized first, you have to make sure your music is good. How do you make sure your music is good? Here are some key factors you should consider, how is your voice, how are the instruments in the music, what message is your music passing, who are you targeting, and so on. The truth is that every individual with a certain level of musical skill should be able to make it in the music industry. The internet has helped make sure of that.

Websites to Sell My Music Online

This is the great opportunity you have been waiting for if you have been researching ways to sell your music online. In this section of this article, you will learn about some sites where you can for real sell your music online. Keep reading below and make sure you pay attention.


Soundotcom is an amazing site for you to start selling your music online. On this site, you can sell royalty-free background tracks. You should know that with this platform you need at least thirty songs to become their vendor. This platform could turn out to be good for people who get in because they will be facing less competition. The official URL for this website is


Fiverr is a popular freelancing site. It has a thriving marketplace for upcoming artists, composers as well as songwriters. If you are a producer, this platform could also be useful to you. The way business works on Fiver is quite different. This is because artists create unique tracks for clients on demand and any right they have on the music is sold with the music. In many cases, if you sell your music using this platform, the buyer will not credit you and you will basically be a ghost. The official URL for this platform is


TuneCore is exclusively focused on streaming services.  One amazing feature this site has is a very impressive tracking page where you can see and manage your stats. You will be able to manage your stats on different services. The moment you upload your music, your music will be available to stream everywhere within twenty-four hours. The official URL for this website is


LuckStock is a very nice platform for you to sell royalty-free tracks. You can sell your tracks to companies and multimedia producers who need original tracks for different purposes. Some of the different purposes of this song include using it in the background of movies, commercial radio broadcast podcasts, YouTube videos, or even corporate presentations. The official URL for this website is

CD Baby

CD Baby will help you get your music from some of the most popular streaming companies. These streaming services include Spotify and iTunes. Your tracks will also be put in radio stores and are available for licensing to radio stations and TV channels. The official URL for this website is


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