Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship welcomes foreign Server into the country to work as a server in a reputable Restaurant. Most restaurants in the US is offering foreign applicants who applied to work as a server in the US, free visa Sponsorship.

However, if you dream of immigrating to the US to work as a restaurant server, please read this article to the end.

Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

The United States of America is one of the countries in the world, people across the world wish to move to. If you intend to visit the country temporarily and need to work as you enjoy your stay, getting a restaurant job is not a bad idea.

In the US now,  a lot of restaurants are looking for servers. They will be responsible for taking orders from and serving food to customers. Moreover, duties will mostly include taking food and drink orders and writing them down on order slips, and ensuring that tables are served properly and that all payments are collected.

Who Is A Server?

A restaurant server is an individual who does the following; takes orders, answers questions about the menu and food sells the restaurant’s food and drinks, takes payment, communicates orders with the kitchen staff, seats customers, and helps with customer service and cleaning. Another name for the server is waiter or waitress.

What Is A Serving Job For Servers?

A serving Job is a type of work where someone is hired in a restaurant to provide customer service to restaurant clients. These individuals are responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, bringing their food and drinks, and clearing their plates when finished.

Benefits of Server Jobs In USA

Check out the perks and benefits of a Server Job;

  • Get your Salary at the end
  • Work fewer hours, and still make money.
  • There’s nothing like bringing work home.
  • You can get extra money during the holidays and special days, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and around Christmas
  • Meet people day by day. Your destiny helper may locate you at the point of serving, who knows?

The above are  some of the Server Job benefits

USA Companies Sponsoring Foreign Servers

Companies or restaurants where you can find Server Jobs in the United States

  • Embassy Suites Indianapolis North
  • MINA Group- San Francisco, CA
  • Volunteers of America, Cape Coral, FL
  • Navion Senior Living- Durham, NC
  • Roasters ‘N Toasters- Miami, FL
  • Troon- Phoenix, AZ
  • WizeHire- Westminster, CO

Server Jobs Responsibilities and Duties

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a server in USA;

  • Takes food and drink orders from customers accurately and with a positive attitude.
  • Put done customer’s food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.
  • Engages with customers in a friendly manner.
  • Have information about the menu, with the ability to make suggestions.
  • Always ensures that tables are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.
  • Get payments from tables.
  • Prepare and check that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes.
  • Help food preparation staff when necessary.

These are the roles and duties of a server in a restaurant.

Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship
Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Type of Work Visa For Server Job In USA

To work as a server in the United States if you’re a foreigner there’s a particular us work visa that suits your job. After you receive a job offer from US Employer and your Employer has petitioned for you, then you should go for the H2b visa program.

H2B Work Visa Program

Under the temporary H2B visa program in US, you can get job opportunities for experienced/entrant Servers. Server Jobs are primarily seasonal, as an H2B visa is a temporary work permit, which makes it the best visa for the job. Moreover, your stay in the USA can be extended up to 3 years or thereabout.

Where to Find Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

When you visit the internet you will be shocked by various serving jobs listings available in the US. Many job portals are posting available jobs online, so you will have a lot to choose from or Apply for as you pray to be the lucky applicant.

However, websites like glass door, simply hired, LinkedIn and Indeed have trusted US jobs websites you can find Server Jobs online.

How to Apply For Server Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

To apply for Serving Job online in the USA, please do the following;

  • Progress to the indeed job website at
  • Go down to find your desired job from the list
  • Click on the job tab to access the server Job description
  • Then, log in and follow the onscreen prompt to complete the server job application process.

These are steps to apply for a restaurant serving job online.

How do I Get a Server Job?

To get a restaurant serving job you need to have the following;

  • Get a high school diploma. No education is needed to become a server.
  • Plan restaurant visits.
  • Build a resume
  • Apply for the server job position.
  • Practice basic server skills at home to prepare for training.

How much does a Waiter Earn in USA Per Month?

The National Average, waitresses and other servers earn a monthly salary of around $2,813

What do Servers Do?

A Server’s role is to attend to customers or diners before, during, and after their meals by helping them place, receive, and pay for their orders. Their duties also include timely delivery of food and beverages by checking on their tables periodically throughout the service time.

What States Pay Servers the Most?

Highest-Paid Servers By State are

  • New York       $36,333
  • Massachusetts     $36,211
  • Vermont        $35,964
  • California       $34,392

Is Server Job Difficult?

Nothing is easy in this life, though there are still jobs that are less stressful than another. A Server in a restaurant may experience difficult working conditions even when they’re not harassed.

Some servers have health insurance or other benefits at the workplace and often can’t afford to take time off when they’re sick. However, Shifts are not available at some restaurants, making it difficult for waitresses to arrange child or elder care

How Do I Succeed in Server Job?

To succeed in serving the job, you will need to have a positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure with bussers, cooks, and other staff. Also, previous work experience involving customer service in a fast-paced environment is greatly desired.

What Type of Job is a Server?

A server job is a job that mostly takes place in a restaurant or event. A server work to provide customer service to restaurant customers. They are responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, bringing their food and drinks, and clearing their plates when finished.

Is Being a Server a Good Job?

Yes, it is, especially if you need temporary work.  Server Job is a good job to get when you are looking for extra cash. Servers make money mostly on tips, therefore leaving with your cash after every shift can be refreshing and extremely motivating.



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