Searching for a social platform to use, then Sign Up for Facebook. Signing up for an account on the platform is simple and free. Once you have an account on Facebook there’s so much you can do such as sharing, connecting, making new friends, buying, and selling on the platform, etc.

Sign Up for Facebook - Open New Facebook Account | Facebook Create New Account Free

You can Sign Up for Facebook using the app or the website. The account is free and simple to do. To find out more about creating an account or the Sign Up for Facebook process, read on.

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Sign Up for Facebook

Signing up for an account on Facebook is simple, free, and fast. To have a better understanding of how to create an account, let’s discuss it briefly on Facebook. Facebook is a social platform that is being used globally. It is accessible to people from the age of 13 in any country.

The platform allows you to create a profile that can be used for sharing photos, videos, comments, and more. Also, the platform has been adding some really interesting features such as Facebook dating, the marketplace, avatar, and more.

You can reach as many people as you want. You just have to Sign Up for Facebook, as it can be great also for businesses, you can reach millions of people with your brands or products. It is popular, and the application is free. Now, let’s look at what you can do with the app and how to download it.

Facebook App

You can Sign Up for the Facebook app, as it is simple and free for all to use. It also makes keeping up with friends faster and easier. You can share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you. Features on the Facebook app include;

  • Connect and communicate with friends and also make new friends.
  • Share pictures, videos, and memories.
  • Push notifications.
  • Back up your pictures by saving them in albums.
  • Watch live videos on the go.
  • Buy and sell locally using Facebook Marketplace.

Actually, there’s more you can do with Facebook. Now, all you need to do is to Sign Up for Facebook or create an account using the app or website.

How to Install Facebook

Facebook being compatible with any device type means you can install and Sign Up for Facebook on Android and iOS devices. It is free to install. The app has a great user interface which is simple. To download the app, follow the steps below;

  • Open your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and enter Facebook on the search.
  • After you’ve typed in the term, a list of apps will be shown with a similar name or search term.
  • Select the app, as Facebook is easy to identify. The first one with a blue icon, tap on it.
  • Then select “install”.

Facebook will be installed immediately into your device and you can Sign Up for Facebook.

Sign Up Facebook New Account

You can Sign Up for a Facebook account using your email address or phone number. The process can be done using a Facebook app on your device or accessing the website using your computer or desktop. Below I will be guided through how to sign up for an account using your computer, Android, and iOS phone;

How to Sign Up for an Account using Computer

  • Open the web browser on your computer or desktop and enter
  • Fill in your name, phone number or email address, password, date of birth, and gender.
  • And click “Sign Up”.

Verify the account email or phone number with the link or code that will be sent.

How to Sign Up for Account using Android Phone

  • Install and open Facebook and tap “Create New Account> Next”.
  • Type in your name and select Next.
  • Select the date of birth for the account and then Next.
  • Choose your gender, select Next.
  • Then enter your email address or phone number and create the account password.
  • Tap on “Sign Up”.

Your Facebook user details will be created and you start using it. Confirm the account using code or link.

How to Sign Up for an Account using  iPhone

How to Sign Up for Facebook using your iPhone? Let’s check out the steps below.

  • Open the app on your iPhone and tap on “Create New Account”.
  • Select “Get Started”.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and enter your first name and last, date of birth, and gender.
  • Enter the phone number or tap “Use your email address” and enter it.
  • Create a password and select “Sign Up”.

To finish creating your Facebook login details, you will need to confirm the email or phone number.


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