Simple Mobile Pay Bill? Want to pay your simple mobile bill? The payment procedure is very easy and fast. The platform provides room for you to choose from its payment options. This article will be unveiling the payment options and how to pay bills using the options. Do endeavour to milk out the contents this post has for you, by reading to the end.

Simple Mobile Pay Bill

However, before going into the key focus of this post, let’s understand what the subject topic(Simple Mobile) is all about. Simple Mobile is a mobile carrier company that delivers accessories, phones, and nationwide network coverage. Thus, delivering at multiple payment plans.

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With this company, Customers can order or purchase products and services online and later pay their dues at the end of each month.

Simple Mobile Pay Bill

The company lets customers re-up services to get and pay for the same plan in the subsequent month. However, some subscribers may prefer to use the same plan again and again, through the Auto ReUp service.

The service enables the company to help you renew your service after the end date automatically.

Simple Mobile Pay Via Autopay Online

To set up auto-pay kindly follow these steps:

  • Launch your browser
  • Visit Simple Mobile website On.
  • Scroll to the Re-Up icon
  • Select Auto ReUp
  • Type in your Simple Mobile phone, SIM card, or serial number
  • Click Continue
  • Then register your credit/debit card
  • Tap on the Continue button.

With the above, You have successfully set up automatic pay

Pay Through Customer Service

You have the option to pay your bills or set up Autopay through a customer service toll-free line. However, to reach the customer care Executives, you can do that by




Phone call: The company provides phone calls to customer support. If you were unable to reach support agents online, you can simply place a call across. All you need is to dial the toll-free line to address the service or payment issues.

 Email: send an email, is another way to contact the SM customer support team. The teams will address your issue, provide answers to your queries and so on. So if you have any issue regarding your SM bill payment, you can forward a message to their email address.

Simple Mobile My Account

Don’t have a Simple mobile account? The account signs up steps is very easy. So to get started, do the following


Locate the account registration button and click on it. Enter the information required and follow the prompts to complete the registration process. You can log in anytime to pay your bills, check your balance, manage airtime, any day anytime.

Simple Mobile My Account

Want to activate your SM? Kindly take these steps;

Go to

Tap on the Menu tab

Select the Activate button

Key in required details

Then follow the on-screen guide.

Simple Mobile My Account

The new MyAccountApp enables you can manage your airtime, check balance, and more! However, with this app, you can control your Simple Mobile service anywhere, at any time. And also kiss goodbye to stressful refill.

Also, the app also measures the network quality during calls in your service area based on your area.

The features of the app include the following;

  • Purchase Airtime via app
  • You can add airtime with a PIN Card
  • Access your service End Date
  • Get to manage your Reserve
  • Setup an Auto-Refill
  • Access your Data Balance
  • Chat with Customer Support and many more.

Customer Service

Via S M online help desk, customers can search through the various help topics and select one that addresses their service issue. The customer support teams will assist you with your specific problem. To visit the customer service page, kindly tap on the link below; from here you can locate the help/customer service or contact US page.

What carrier is Simple Mobile?

Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that operates on the T-Mobile network. This means that Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network infrastructure to provide wireless service to its customers. As an MVNO, Simple Mobile does not have its own network infrastructure, but instead leases network capacity from a major carrier, in this case, T-Mobile.


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