Singles Dating App on Facebook – Facebook Dating App Download Free | Facebook Dating Profile


Are you new to Facebook dating and you are looking for the singles dating app on Facebook? If you are, then this is probably the best article you’re going to come across on the web. What you are going to learn in this article is how to download the app and set up your dating profile.

Singles Dating App on Facebook - Facebook Dating App Download Free | Facebook Dating Profile

Without further delay, what is the Facebook dating application? Well, the Facebook dating application is the official application that Facebook created for dating. Now, the official Facebook dating application for singles is the latest version of the Facebook application.

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Singles Dating App on Facebook

The singles dating app on Facebook is totally free to download and can be downloaded from any mobile application store. These application stores can be the google play store on android devices or the iOS store on iPhone devices. You can also download it from any store you can grab your hands on.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is one of those new features that was released on Facebook recently. For some locations, it has been released some months back. Facebook dating is still rolling out and we hope it gets to all locations very soon.

This is a new feature that was developed to help Facebook users date more freely. It was designed to let Facebook users know you are looking for a date.

Facebook Dating Feature

Like I said before, the Facebook dating feature is a new update on the Facebook platform. Some people have received this feature already while others haven’t. I think is quite unfair for this but I can see reasons with Facebook as the feature is still being developed.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Before we get started, what is the official dating application for smartphones? Facebook didn’t create a special app for dating. The dating feature lives as a tab inside the Facebook menu. How do you download the Facebook dating app apk? Well, follow the steps below to so;

  • Open any mobile application on your device.
  • After launching the mobile store, make a search for “Facebook”
  • From the page you are directed to, find the “install” button and click it.

The page you are directed to is the official application page for the Facebook application. After the app is downloaded, it would be automatically installed.

Facebook Dating Profile

Now that we know what the Facebook dating application is and we must have installed it on our device, how do you set up a dating profile? Well, follow the steps below to do so;

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Find the newly downloaded or updated Facebook application and launch it. you can also open the official Facebook dating website at
  • Hit the menu icon located at the top or bottom right corner of the page.
  • Scroll down to find the tab that says “Dating” and click on it.

You would now be directed to the official dating platform where you can set up your Facebook dating profile.

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