Skilled painter jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship allow foreigners to legally work and also live in the United States. Well, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can’t look away from.

Skilled Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship
Skilled Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a skilled painter and would like to express your skill in a more advanced way? Then, you should consider this offer and take advantage of it.

Skilled Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

A skilled painter helps prepare surfaces, mix paints for different needs, and apply them with brushes or rollers to fill in cracks or apply color to walls for creative beautification. They also apply these paints to objects around a home, such as furniture pieces or doors. Well, this gives a clear explanation of what a painter is.

Who is a Skilled Painter in the USA?

Painting skills are proficiencies and abilities that enable you to create art and decorate surfaces with paint. There are technical abilities that involve mixing colors, using painting tools, and applying painting techniques, but painting skills also include other abilities such as attention to detail and communication.

What are Skilled Painting Jobs?

From a practical point of view, a good painting can be made using three things: technique, observation, and design. Each of these things is a learnable skill that anyone can put into practice to make better artwork. A good painter should, however, incorporate qualities such as precision, efficiency, and versatility into their work. A good painter should, however, incorporate qualities such as precision, efficiency, and versatility into their work.

Salary of Skilled Painters in the USA

The average salary for a painter in the United States is $42,339 per year. Painter salaries typically range between $30,000 and $59,000 a year. The average hourly rate for painters is $20.36 per hour.

Location, education, and experience impact how much a painter can expect to make. Painters make the most in New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, New York, and West Virginia.

5 of the Best Skilled Painters’ Jobs in the USA with High-Paying Salaries

Painting Supervisor

A painting supervisor works primarily in the construction industry. In this career, you oversee a team of painters to help ensure operations run smoothly and the project is completed promptly. You may work in residential or industrial settings and supervise teams working in interior and exterior painting areas. The average salary of a painting supervisor ranges from $42,500 to $63,000 per year.

House Painter

A house painter and decorator is a tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings and is also known as a decorator or house painter. They are employed by construction companies, painting contractors, and building maintenance departments, or they may be self-employed. The average salary of a house painter ranges from $30,500 to $41,500 per year.

Commercial Painter

A commercial painter has more experience working with business clients than residential clients. They typically work for a contractor and are responsible for painting larger areas of buildings and working with a variety of surfaces and materials. The primary job duties of a commercial painter are the same as those of a residential painter, except on a larger scale. The average salary of a commercial painter is $32,500–$43,500 per year.


A painter will evaluate the needs of the project and mix the proper amount of paint to thoroughly cover the space. They will be able to advise on how many coats of paint are needed and will have the brushes, ladders, and other equipment needed to complete the job. Professional painters are hired for a variety of projects, from home décor to industrial spaces. The average salary of a painter is $31,000–$41,500 per year.

Lead Painter

The majority of lead painter salaries across the United States currently range between $36,500 (25th percentile) and $49,500 (75th percentile) annually. This moderate range of salaries suggests pay in this role will be consistent, regardless of skill level, location, or years of experience, though some advancement is possible. Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the lead painter job market in the United States is moderately active, with several companies hiring. The average salary of a lead painter is $29,000–44,000 per year.

The highest-paying cities for Skilled Painters in the United States

We list cities that pay high wages to skilled painters in the United States. The salary difference may be caused by many reasons, such as the cost of living. The competition will also be fiercer where wages are high.


Alaska takes first place with the highest skilled painter salary of $42,083 per year. California and the District of Columbia take second and third place, with $41,933 per year and $41,757 per year, respectively.

New Jersey

New Jersey has the highest painter’s salary at $56,758. Alaska has the lowest painter’s salary of $30,989. The national average salary for painters is $42,339 per year. The national hourly pay for painters is $20.36.


The average salary for a painter in Wisconsin is $43,920. Painter salaries in Wisconsin typically range between $31,000 and $61,000 a year. This compares to a national average painter’s salary of $43,920. The average hourly rate for painters in Wisconsin is $21.12 per hour.

Requirements and Skills for Skilled Painter Jobs in the USA

In this section, we will be giving you a list of requirements and skills for a skilled painter job:

  • Know how to use appropriate tools.
  • Have manual dexterity and excellent balance to work on scaffolding, ladders, and more.
  • Conscientious with great attention to detail.
  • Excellent knowledge of commercial and construction painting techniques.
  • Outstanding basic math skills.
  • Solid knowledge of painting materials and how to select, mix, and apply them.

These and many more are the responsibilities that come with a painting job.

Duties and Responsibilities for a Skilled Painter’s Job

There are sayings that state, “Great opportunity comes with responsibility”. To become a skilled painter, you will have to undertake certain responsibilities. Some of which include:

  • Mix paint and other materials to get the right color or texture.
  • Cleans equipment, the paint mixing area, and the work area.
  • Keeps the work area clean.
  • Operates heavy lift equipment, including scissors and a boom swing stage, to heights of 80 feet.
  • They heat and spray wax onto products after they are tested.
  • To fill cracks and holes with appropriate material.
  • To mix paint according to specifications.
  • Paint surfaces based on instructions with various tools.
  • Calculate costs and negotiate prices.
  • Prepare walls and other surfaces for painting by scraping, using sandpaper, removing old paint, etc.

These and many more are the duties and responsibilities that come with being a skilled painter.

Benefits of a Skilled Painter’s Job

Getting a skilled painting job in the United States comes with lots of benefits. And it becomes even more amazing when such jobs are under visa sponsorship. For such a job, you will have access to a free visa, accommodation, and job training. Below are benefits you can access when you are employed as a painter in the United States:

  • Insurance on health and other insurance coverage
  • Paid holidays and paid time off
  • Short- and long-term disabilities
  • Employee assistance program.
  • FSA and HAS plans.

These and many more are the benefits that come with having a painting job in the United States.

How to Apply for Skilled Painter Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

In this section, we will be giving you simple steps that can help you start and complete a job application for sponsorship:

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Looking for the United States’ most used website or a website that is widely used all over the world, you can get a website like LinkedIn and others.
  • Use the search bar to search for the job by typing the job title.
  • Then click on the job when you find it.
  • Tap on the “apply now” button.
  • Then, ensure you go through the job description.
  • Upload your CV and application, and ensure it is of US standard and what the employers would like.

Follow all instructions given on the platform thereafter.

Skilled Painter in the USA with Visa Sponsorship Interview Questions

Below are some of the interview questions for skilled painters that will be helpful:

  • Are you creatively productive when working under tension?
  • What painting chemicals are you familiar with?
  • How long have you been a painter?
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • Why do you prefer working in our country?
  • What is your working experience as a painter?
  • What strategy do you have in place to satisfy your client?
  • What painting tools are best for painters?

These and many more are expected questions for painters.

Where to Work as a Painter in the USA

Painters work both indoors and outdoors in a variety of work environments. Some painters work on residential homes and buildings, while others work on commercial or industrial buildings. Some painters work on both residential and commercial or industrial buildings.


What jobs can you get with painting?
What is the visa for painters in the US?

Visa O-1 allows creative and artistic people who have notable achievements in their field to legally live and work in the United States.

How does a US company sponsor a foreign worker?

After the labor certification has been approved by the DOL, the employer continues the process by filing Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, on behalf of the foreign national with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Do painters make money?

The answer is yes. As an artist, there are many avenues that you can explore to monetize your talent, allow yourself to be your own boss, and spend your days doing what you love. Picture this: Waking up every morning without dreading the day ahead because you are in charge of your day and what you do with it.

How do most painters make money?

When most artists think about making money with their art, three things immediately come to mind: selling originals, doing commission work, and selling prints. Some artists might also think of teaching or design jobs.


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