Skrill Money Transfer Details. Skrill has become one of the popular e-commerce money transfer and receiving platforms amongst others like PayPal.

On the Skrill platform, users can make payments and money transfers using the Internet. The Skrill platform is safe, fast, and secure meaning your transactions are always safe here.

SKRILL Money Transfer Details - Skrill Money Transfer | Register Skrill Account

The Skrill money transfer platform does not only exist in one country but in many countries of the world thereby making it an international money transfer system. Also, you can use the Skill platform for shopping, betting, trading, and gaming.

With Skrill, you can manage your money all by yourself by using the Skrill money app on your mobile phone.

Skrill Money Transfer Details

However, you can easily transfer or make payments abroad with a Skrill wallet. Users are offered low rates and fees when they use the platform to send money. Also, you can make the transfer of funds straight to a bank account, Skrill wallet, or mobile wallet. Keep reading to get more information in this article to know more about Skrill Money Transfer Details.

As earlier mentioned, Skrill Money transfer and payment services are virtual money transfers from a bank account to a mobile wallet. Skrill Customers may purchase a Skill-branded prepaid card, this card is linked to the account in many currencies. This includes USD, EUR, PLN, and GBP.

Clients with high-turnover customers are offered a premium membership called “Skrill VIP” which includes additional features, such as a security token, multi-currency account, and the ability to earn loyalty points.

 Skrill App Features

The payments system is designed with amazing features such as:

  • On this platform, users are allowed to transfer money on the platforms without any charges.
  • There is no transfer fee each time money and s being sent directly to a bank account. Use the Skrill calculator to see what you will save when you use Skrill to send money.
  • When a Cash deposit is made you may use Visa and MasterCard available in all countries.
  • International money transfer does not attract any fee. When you use Skrill money transfer to send money to an international bank account.
  • Buy Cryptocurrency instantly, buy and sell crypto from 40 fiat currencies to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP, and OX.
  • Money is sent and received on this platform, store cards, link bank accounts, and pay conveniently anytime and anywhere with your email address and password.
  • Security is the top priority of this payment system. Payment and personal information are always kept safe and an active anti-fraud team protects against fraud in any transaction.
  • Skrill wallet holders send and receive money with ease and it’s instant. All that is required is an email address, fees of only 1.45%.
  • Users are entitled to exclusive Skrill offers – enjoy easy access to varieties of the latest merchants’ offers, deals, and bonuses. Updated every month.
  • Have access to your money whenever you are 24/7.
  • Use the secure Skrill app to access your account wherever you need it.

All that you have seen above talks about the features of Skrill, it also talks about how nice the platform is.

How Does It Work

Having adequate knowledge of how the platform works enable you to use it effectively.

  • Create Account – it is just in a click of minutes to create a Skrill wallet and place your payment details together in one place. You have a free choice from 40 currencies.
  • Make Payments – It’s easy, simple, and secure. You’re in control when making payments online. It has quick payment methods which include stored cards and your account balance.
  • Withdraw Funds – funds can be transferred, including linking your Skrill account to your bank account Instantly or using the ATM for your withdrawals.

This is how it works for those who are new to seeing or hearing about this platform for the first time.

Steps to Register Skrill Account Transfer Details

To gain full access to your account details on Skrill you have to register. Follow these steps to register for an account.

  • At the website of Skrill register at
  • Move to the right on the screen.
  • Click on the “Register” widget.
  • Next, fill the space with your details such as First Name, Surname, Email Address, Password.
  • Then, click on the “Register Now” button.

When you use these steps, it will guide you to successfully register on the platform.

Skrill Login

As an old user of this platform, you can easily access your account by logging into your account. Following the steps below and you are done.

  • At the website of Skrill.
  • Move to the right on the page.
  • Click on the “Login” widget.
  • Key in your Email address and password.
  • Click on the “Log In” Widget.

With the instructions above you can find your way back into your Skrill account.

Skrill Login Recovery

This part is for those who have one way or the other lost or forgotten their passwords. To get back your password you have to proceed with these steps below.

  • At the website of Skrill.
  • Navigate to the right on the page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” widget.
  • Next, enter your Email address.
  • Click on the “Send” widget.

And there we go, finally we are done discussing the recovery aspect, now over to the next paragraph which says.

How Do I Transfer Money Using Skrill?

You can transfer money globally using 40 different currencies on the skrill platform. You can send it to a bank account, mobile wallet, or email address whichever you prefer. Use this step to transfer money:

  • Go to the Skrill Money Transfer page. Select the amount you wish to send and the recipient’s Country.
  • A real-time currency conversion rate will be pop up on the top of the payment request. This is the rate provided independently by Reuters.
  • There are no charges added to the rate shown above.
  • Based on the receiver’s residence country, you’ll be able to send money to the bank account or wallet, or both.
  • Click on the “Get started” button, on the sign-up page.
  • Add your email, password, and your personal information (first and last name, date of birth, and contact details).
  • Your details given before are stored and displayed next on the screen with your personal details.
  • An “Edit” option to transfer funds is available.
  • Then, click on the “Continue” button a free Skrill account is open for you automatically.
  • Next, confirm you’re sending money to yourself, or someone else. Provide recipient name, bank account, or mobile number.
  • On completion of your transfer, choose available payment options.
  • A summary of your transaction will be shown on the screen and sent to your registered email address.

Following these steps will guide you properly on how to transfer money with your details on the Skrill platform.

Skrill Payments Methods

The Skrill payment has various methods and they are as follows:

  • You can use your Credit Card.
  • Debit card.
  • Rapid Transfer.
  • Klarna.

You can use any of these methods to make your transfer to anyone on this platform. Always ensure to add all your transfer details for appropriate service.


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