Snowflake Cartoons: How to Design a Snowflake Cartoon

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What is a snowflake cartoon? Have you heard of it before? If no then there is to worry yourself about. Because in this article, I will be talking exclusively about it. Well, let’s start off somewhere from the cartoon aspect.

What is really a cartoon? It is a non-realistic or partial realistic animation that is used to give a taste of humor or satisfaction to its audience and viewers.

It is mostly used as a means of expressing any kind of feeling, communicating, and a form of art and drawing. It also used as a medium for passing out jokes and as a means of education to most children when they are growing.

Snowflake Cartoons

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Humans, Animals, buildings, and other stuff have all been used as a medium of cartoon and it has really impacted our lives and the world today positively without a doubt.

So many TV animation producers and directors have been cartoon as of outing smiles and joy on people’s faces.

There have been lots of cartoons on display since its inception from the famous Tom and Jerry to the likes of SpongeBob, Lion king animation cartoon, and all the rest.

But cartoons are not only in videos but also in the picture, drawing, and art format. And that’s where snowflake comes in.

Snowflake Cartoon

So what exactly is a snowflake cartoon? Snowflake cartoon is a platform that gives you access to lots of cartoon arts and drawings. Lots of different beautiful and amazing cartoon art and drawings.

Of these cartoon art, there are a lot of interesting and top snowflake cartoon pictures that can be downloaded online. There are also snowflake cartoon background pictures that can be downloaded from the internet and site to your mobile phones and tablets.

Those snowflake cartoon backgrounds can be used as wallpaper for your phones. One thing about the snowflake is that it portrays uniqueness. So the snowflake cartoon other than the fact that it is used to the cartoon, the snowflake cartoon character has to be unique in its own way and represent something special.


What is a snowflake? Do you know what they are? These crystal ice substances in the sky have grown big enough to join others and form a shape that then falls as snow to the earth’s atmosphere. Most snowflakes have six sides.

They come together to form a hexagonal shape almost like the shape of a star. They appear mostly and usually in white color as snow does look whitish in color.

In terms of shape, the shape of a snowflake can come in the form of threefold symmetry and triangular shapes. The shape of a snowflake can also be that of a star.

Snowflake usually happens in the winter period giving us a reminder that the Christmas season is around the corner.

How to Design a Snowflake Cartoon

Snowflake cartoon characters are over the internet for you to download. But other than just downloading a snowflake cartoon character from the web, why not make your own. Yes, you can make your own snowflake cartoon character for yourself by yourself.

Make it to your own style and fit just the way you want it to be. So I will be giving you the basic steps on how to draw and design your unique character.

  • Step 1:  get a clean well-sharpened pen and a neat cardboard paper. That’s what you be needing.
  • Step 2:  draw a straight line on the cardboard paper and put a dot mark in the middle of the straight line.
  • Step 3:  on the middle of the doted mark draw two diagonal lines across the straight line. That makes three lines already.
  • Step 4:  now just beneath the top of each line, draw a “V” shape on them. Make sure the “V” is facing upwards though. That is you are to get 6 V from the three lines. You can choose to use a circle (0) shape instead of the V shape depending on what you want.
  • Step 5: under each V you have drawn, draw a short horizontal line under each of them. After all these steps, you can put any design of your choice at the dotted line in the middle of the lines. These are just simple steps to follow when you want to make a snowflake design.

Snowflake Designs

The snowflake design is a platform that produces wear for athletes and gymnastics players for their sporting activities. They indulge in designing both training and competitive leotards for their customers and patronizes them.

They were founded in the year 1985 and are located in Clovis, California. Their products have gone global and have helped gymnasts give outstanding performance.

Products of Snowflake

  • Athletic clothing
  • Gymnastics work out leotards
  • Warm-up suit leotards
  • Clothing
  • Competition leotards
  • Dance wears leotards
  • Sportswear in general

These products of snowflake have some really good quality like durability, color, material, elasticity that make them stand out from other companies.


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