Have you ever come across the word “Social Advertisement” but do not know the meaning and how to go about it? Well if your answer is yes then, this guide is for you specially.

Social Advertisement

Social Advertisement

Social Advertisement is a means of advertising that relies basically on social information in generating, delivering, and targeting marketing communications. Read on to find out the different platforms that can be used for advertising.

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How Does Social Advertisement Work

Social advertisement is done in a way of media messages or content designed to educate members or individuals of the general public to participate or engage in voluntary social activities. There are some social media networking platforms that you can use to create your social advertisement to achieve a targeted goal.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an advertisement being served to users on social media platforms. It involves you creating an Advert. Advertisers are utilized to serve only highly relevant advertisements on the site based on the interactions they get on a specific platform. There are lots of social media to use in advertising.

Social media advertising is the best way to have a great and successful presence in the world of online business among many other competitors. With social advertising, you can target the audience you want to reach and the objective of the advert in other to get the right goal for it.

Social Media Advertising Benefits

Social media advertising is the best way to go and it is fast spreading. The benefit of advertising on social media has gained a very wide range of recognition across the globe.

Social advertisement is the best way to get loyal and potential customers for your brand or product. The benefits of social media advertising include the following;

  • Social media advertising improves the conversion rates you get on your site or business.
  • It helps to improve the recognition of your brand across the world.
  • Media advertising helps to maintain and improve the loyalty of your customers or clients to the brand.
  • It has reduced marketing costs.
  • Social media advertising provides its users with better advertising targeting in other to reach the reach audience or client for the brand.
  • It has helped to improve search engine rankings.
  • It provides business or brand customers with great customer satisfaction.
  • Provides you with the feedback of your customers to help the business grow.
  • You can track the competitors you have on the site.

These are some of the benefits of using social media platforms to make your adverts. There is more you would benefit from when using the platforms.

Social Advertising Platforms

There are so many platforms or means of advertising on social media. Just as there are different examples to use. Here are some of the social advertising platforms you can use;

  • Social Networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +.
  • Microblogging: Twitter, Tumblr.
  • Photo Sharing: Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Video-Sharing: Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope.

New social media platforms are coming out almost every week and most of the platforms may never gain traction.

When it comes to the best examples or platforms to use for advertising in other to get conversions, loyalty, popularity, etc. Below are the six best social media platforms you can use for your eCommerce Advertising;

You can use any of the above for your E-commerce advertising.

Social Media Advertising Tools

Social advertising is a massive thing for traders or marketers online. It is a great way to increase brand awareness and many other things. Creating the best Ads would demand you to use the best tools and that’s why I will be providing you with some of the tools to use.

They include; Influencer marketing, Bit.ly, Facebook Ads Manager, YouTube, Snapchat filters, Instagram stories, Social Metrics Pro, Content Scheduling apps, Ad Espresso, Quuu Promote, Tweepi, Qwaya, Canva, Hootsuite, etc. There are many more that can be used.


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