Do you have a business that you want to market online but you don’t know how to do it. Well, I have a suitable view of the article that will be of help to you in marketing your business and that is Social Media Advertising Agency.

Most business marketers do make use of social media advertising that is why their businesses are always going up and reaching a large audience. Using a social media advertising agency does not mean that your business must be a big business. You can also make use of this agency in marketing your small business as well.

Social Media Advertising Agency


Social Media Advertising Agency

Social media advertising is one of the best advertising means to market your business online. Looking into this service, is really nice for I have seen so many businesses using this same social media marketing agency in marketing their own businesses. However, there are lots of online marketing agencies you can use to advertise your business.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agencies for 2021

Here in this article, I will be talking on 5 social media agencies you can use starting with sociallyIn.


This is the first social media advertising agency that I will be sharing with you guys. SociallyIn is a social media that helps in branding different kind of aspects of marketing strategy. It also help deploy result-driven services over the social strategy which are content production, community management, influencer marketing, paid social advertising, and also much more.

Their services are split into the services listed above and they also into sociallyIn films, paints, builds, records, makes, captures, bakes, hatches, invents, composes, and writes. They bring their users social media content in-house. They have in-depth meetings across all the demographics of the audience which are trying to reach their social media campaign.

After their team have an understanding of business and brand, what they do is to move quickly into a brief discussion. It may be campaign, seasonal holidays, or anything else. Once the brief is over, they then go into brainstorming sessions by using all kinds of brainstorming techniques so they can come up with very nice unique ideas on various social platforms.

You can start by using their service for advertising your business by visiting their official website. Just visit on your browser and see how sociallyin works.

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LYFE Marketing

Wow, this is another marketing agency social media for your advertising your business online. As we have seen, I have talked about the first agency sociallyin now it is time to talk about LYFE. LYFE is another advertising agency like I have said earlier, this agency is a management company.

What this agency does is that they render services like search engines and also website design. They help in creating and managing top-performing media campaigns for their clients or users via twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and also Pinterest. They have their service separated into four different services which are;

  • Social media management services.
  • Website designing service.
  • Advertising service.
  • search engine optimization service.

Right from the year 2011, they have been managing over two thousand marketing campaigns on social media. Their digital marketing has gone above 983,287 client leads. They also have a marketing process which they;

  • Assign a dedicated social media manager to your account.
  • Growth optimization and also daily maintenance of your account.
  • Developing social media strategies that are specific to your business.
  • Communication and reporting.
  • Development of advertisements and content calendars.

These are the marketing processes of lyfe social media advertising agency.


You may also want to ask if this is also a marketing agency, yes it is a marketing agency just like the other ones that I have talked about lately. This agency works hand to hand with B2B companies, and they have an expertise also that helps in generating highly qualified leads on business through social media sites.

Do you know how they worked or how they generate their leads? What they do is that, they have strategizing in creating a customized plan for their users or clients and executing it.

Sculpt has high experience in running paid campaigns and help their users to boost their advertising ROI. The most amazing side of this agency is that they provide training and also guidance for their user in-house staff. You are not just hiring them just for a campaign but you are also hiring them to help you build a very skilled in-house team that will be beneficial to you in the long term run. Here are the categories of their services; a paid social ads, social media pricing, and also B2B social media.

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Speaking of rainmakers is also counted as a marketing social, media agency. It has a data-driven approach that renders the best result of marketing efforts for their clients. Their service helps in all areas of management that include organic account operation and also PPM ad management. They have helped sp many people incorporate social media to become a wider platform as part of the comprehensive content marketing campaign.

Rainmakers has helped their clients to gain essential brand awareness and also invaluable word of mouth recognition with complete targeted leads for the past fifteen years. They also help in building very strong connections and also engaging their users with their target costumers.

The agency understands one thing about social media communicate with real-time audience is how vital they are. As you can see, you will see how important this is at these difficult times that your customers need to understand you are there to be pf help to them.

Ignite Social Media

This agency has proved expertise that is more than a decade now that was founded in 2007. As of 2016 incorporate social media awards agency worldwide of the year. what they focus on is driving measurable results from social media. They work al over the world from their offices in North Carolina and Michigan.

The (WBENC) which is the women’s business enterprise national council certified them as the women’s business enterprise. The aim of this agency is to change the vision of the world marketing via social media and their service includes.

  • Consulting.
  • Development strategy.
  • Community management.
  • Promotions.
  • Paid social advertising.
  • Engagement influencer.
  • Monitoring and measurement.
  • Crisis management.
  • Social listening.
  • Social content creation.

These are the services of Ignite social media and now we have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoy every review of each advertising agency that I have talked about here.

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