Sony Crackle Com Activate? Activate this TV channel today to enjoy free movies and tv shows on your favourite TV or consoles. Sony Crackle has about 1,062+ movies and over 70 TV shows available to subscribers, providing a wide selection of original content and acquired programming.

Sony Crackle Com Activate

Subscribers can stream contemporary TV shows and documentaries like Earthscapes, Dronedout and Challenged to the Limit. The show takes viewers across the world while documenting adventure sports culture. Also, with this channel, you also gain access to timeless shows like Charlie’s Angels and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Sony Crackle Com Activate – Sony Crackle 

On you can filter using movies or TV shows, genre, release date, age rating, IMDb rating and new titles. The Channel is available on Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Samsung TV etc.

However, to activate the Sony Crackle channel on your Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, or Samsung TV, read the sections under.

How to Activate Crackle On My Smart TV Device

If you have a Crackle app, you may activate it by entering an activation code at on your computer or mobile device., Follow the procedure, to install the channel and activate your device.

  • Switch on your Smart TV
  • Go to the search or store to download and install the Sony Crackle app
  • Launch the App to access the activation code
  • Once you find the app, go to the activation website at
  • Type in the activation code
  • Click on Activate

Another way to get an activation code is by selecting the “My Crackle” option on the menu bar and then selecting the “Activation” option.

How to Activate Sony Crackle on my Amazon Fire Stick

To activate and sync your Amazon Firestick follow these steps:

  • Go to on a desktop computer or mobile device
  • Log into your account on your computer or mobile device
  • Launch your Fire TV app and move to “My Crackle
  • Click on “Activate This Device”
  • An activation code will show on your screen
  • Fill in the activation code on your screen on your mobile device or computer at

Wait for the activation to complete. Then, you can begin to stream your favourite shows and movies.

How To Activate Crackle On Samsung TV

To activate your Samsung TV, kindly follow these steps:

  • Go to from a computer or laptop device
  • Create an account or sign in to your existing account
  • Go to
  • Now on your Samsung, navigate to “My Account”
  • Scroll to the bottom to “User Account” and click on the “Activate” button
  • After a few seconds and you will see an activation code on your screen.
  • Type in the activation code at, using your phone or computer browser.
  • Wait a few seconds until you see verification on your screen

With these steps, you will have access to Watch contents later

How To Activate My Vizio Tv

To activate your Vizio TV, do the following:

  • Navigate to from a desktop or laptop device
  • Fill in the code displayed on your TV
  • Sign up for an account or log into your existing account after initial activation.
  • Wait for some time, until you see verification on your computer.

Once Sign In is successful go back to your TV to start watching Crackle.

Is Crackle Available on Roku?

You can download and install the Crackle app to your Roku, using the following procedure;

Proceed to SEARCH and type in “CRACKLE” from your Roku device

Tap on the Crackle app and download it

Once the app is installed, you can find Crackle under “Your Streaming Channels” or under “Home”.

How To Create A Login On Crackle – Sony Crackle Login

To set up a login or an account, visit their official website

Just tap on the Register button and sign-up or connect using your Facebook account.

However, by creating an account, you will be able to save videos to your Watch Later list and sync your progress across any devices on which Crackle is available.

 Movies and TV Shows Available on Crackle

With a library that has all genres, movies on Crackle include everything from hit comedies – such as the celebrated Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest – to thrilling foreign language horror movies such as The Wailing.

South Korean zombie film Train to Busan, is also available on the platform. Crackle also has a selection of arthouse cinema-like Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups and award-winning documentaries like I am Not Your Negro.

Sony Crackle Channel TV Shows – Sony Crackle Movies

You will find series like


The Critic

My Two Dads


Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Mr Sunshine


The Jeff Foxworthy Show

The Dana Carvey Show

Barney Miller

Car 54, Where Are you?

Charlie’s Angel

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Partridge Family



The Saint


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