Do you know the SoundCloud News that is trending all over the place now? Well if you don’t know about this then you should continue reading this article for more information. There are lots of users on SoundCloud out there who really love to share their songs not only on SoundCloud but also on other platforms.

SoundCloud News 

In this article tagged SoundCloud News, you will know how you can share with other social platforms apart from SoundCloud. Soundcloud has now made everything easier for you, to share songs on other platforms, platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and so much more. But there are still many users ignorant of this information. Before moving to how you can share on the SoundCloud platform let me explain to you what the SoundCloud platform is.


SoundCloud News 

There are lots of features on the SoundCloud platform that are available to the users on the platform, but there many users who don’t know about this. So, in this article To make everything easy for you, here are some features on SoundCloud;

  • You can follow people on the platform and people can also follow and listen to your songs.
  • There are various kinds of a song you can find on the SoundCloud platform, you can find romantic songs, gospel songs, country songs, hip hop songs, and lots more on SoundCloud.
  • Songs can be streamed online for free.
  • Money can be gotten from SoundCloud.

These are some features you can access on the SoundCloud platform, although there is much more.

What Is SoundCloud

The Soundcloud platform is an online streaming music platform for all music lovers out there. On SoundCloud, you can listen to interesting songs for free and also comment on them or like them when you at your own convenient time. The most interesting part of it all is that you are given the privilege to upload your own song on SoundCloud. And when you as a user on SoundCloud upload your own songs there are lots of things you can enjoy on the SoundCloud platform. To know about them read further.

How to Share Songs on Other Platforms

Sharing songs on the SoundCloud platform is very easy and simple. Here are steps to put you through;

  • Log in to your SoundCloud account.
  • Then click on upload located at the top of the SoundCloud page.
  • Access your tracks you have uploaded on SoundCloud.
  • Select any song of your choice and click on the three dots {more}.
  • Options will be displayed, click on share.
  • Then click any social media you like to share it with.
  • After that, you can now post the song on social media by clicking share or post.

When this is done carefully, your song will be shared with other platforms. But before you can do this you will need to register to be a user on SoundCloud.

How to Register on SoundCloud

Here are steps of how you can register on SoundCloud;

  • Open your browser or chrome.
  • Visit
  • Tap on create account located at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your email and click on continue.
  • Then enter your password and click on sign up.

When all these steps are followed correctly, then you will become a registered user on SoundCloud.

How to Login on SoundCloud

If you want to log in to SoundCloud and you do not know how to, no need to get yourself worried about it, here are some steps to guide you.

  • Open the browser or chrome on your device.
  • Then visit
  • Tap on sign up at the top of the screen.
  • Then enter your email and click on continue.
  • Also your password and click on sign up.

Follow these steps above and you will access your account on the SoundCloud platform. 


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