Spotify Premium Free: How to Get Spotify Premium Free

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What is Spotify premium free? Tired of the same old music? With Spotify, you get access to millions of song tiles, your favorite songs, and favorite artists. You get to discover new songs you like on command. Spotify has proven to be of great value to music lovers all around the world for years. And with Spotify premium free you get access to more exciting features not available on the free Spotify plan.

Spotify Premium Free

Spotify Premium Free

First, what is Spotify? In simplest of terms, Spotify is an online audio streaming media. That means you get to stream media of audio format like music and podcasts. Spotify has a large contributor base. Millions of artists can get featured on Spotify. But Spotify also maintains the quality of music by featuring only professional artists. In order words, with Spotify, you get both quantity and quality of music.

This has led to its rising popularity and demand over the years. So how does one get started on Spotify? And is Spotify free? With both these questions answered, you would be ready to begin using Spotify. Spotify is free to download, and it has both free membership and paid premium membership. This means you can start using Spotify without having to spend a penny, thanks to its free plan.

How to Use Spotify

To get started here’s what to do.

  • Open up your app store, Google play store for Android users, and Apple store for iPhone users.
  • Search for Spotify in the search box
  • Next, download to install
  • Tap to open the Spotify app
  • Next, create an account. Provide your details in the sign-up box, follow the prompts through the end, and you’re done.

Once signup is complete, you can begin using all of Shopify’s free features if you skipped billing. However, Spotify’s free plan comes with limited features plus audio and video ads. You probably would prefer to use the Spotify premium version. Here’s the billing. Spotify premium goes for $9.99 per month. Spotify premium student, for $4.99 per month, and Spotify family for $14.99 per month. The Spotify family plan accommodates a total of 6 members. To get Spotify premium free, there are different possible options we will go over here.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free

To get Spotify premium free, the easiest method is to utilize its free trial offer. New members on Spotify are offered a Spotify premium free trial of 3 months. This means you can enjoy all of Spotify’s premium features for 90 days.  Since it’s a free trial for just 3 months, you’ll need to upgrade to any premium plan of your choice to continue using Spotify premium.

If you don’t get your account upgraded you’ll be automatically reverted to a Spotify free plan, and would have to brave those ads and limited features. You can however take advantage of the Spotify premium free offer for new users by creating new accounts at the end of your 90 days trial. To create new accounts you would need to uninstall the app and reinstall it from your app store.

You would also have to restart the sign-up process using a new email address. The second method is to download and install a mod cracked Spotify application. You can’t find that on your app store. To download the mod app use this link here for Android users. For iPhone users visit to search for the Spotify app. After installing the app, you would gain access to Spotify premium free without any expiration date.

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