A Straight Pipe exhaust system is a great alternative to the conventional exhausts on stock automobiles. Lots of car enthusiasts care mostly about exhaust sound and vehicle power than its emission standards.

Straight Pipe

Most automobiles nowadays sound horrible and heavily restricted. However, a standard exhaust system is supposed to suppress a car’s noise. However, a straight pipe eliminates the restrictions set by your regular stock system. It in-turns allow your car to produce the maximum amount of engine sound.

Straight Pipe

Straight pipes are usually used with sports or racing cars since such exhaust systems permit unrestricted exhaust flow. This tool is simply a straight pipe that starts at the engine’s header and ends in the air without a muffler.

When you install the exhaust system, it will help to increase your vehicle’s performance and make it louder. However, if you wish to install this mod, you need to consider noise and emission regulations. Further, these systems are not used in recent vehicles since their emissions may exceed regulation levels.

Purpose of a Straight Pipe Exhaust

One of the primary reasons why most drivers want a straight pipe exhaust installed on their ride is to improve engine performance. Due to the mod being designed especially for sporting vehicles, it doesn’t limit gas flow, which enhances the car’s performance.

Furthermore, the exhaust needs to be installed correctly in your vehicle. Otherwise, your automobile will struggle to eliminate harmful gases and fumes produced by your engine. Another reason why people go for straight pipe exhausts is to differentiate their vehicle’s sound from stock vehicles.

Benefits of Straight Pipe Exhaust

The following are the primary benefits ;

Enhanced Performance: eliminating the catalytic converter lets the vehicle run with less engine backpressure, enhancing horsepower and torque. The more horsepower, the better the car experience.

Less Weight: When the weight of your car is reduced, it gets faster and more efficient. Automobile manufacturers have this in mind when developing vehicles. However, if you convert your exhaust into a straight pipe, your car has reduced weight, making it more fun to drive.

Looks Are Essential: With standard exhaust pipes, you lose the attractiveness that lets you stand out and express yourself. While a straight pipe exhaust enables drivers to showcase their genuine selves and completely personalize their vehicles.

Allowing The Engine To Scream: most enthusiasts go for a straight pipe setup to unleash the engine’s authentic sound. Something about the roar of an unrestrained engine sounds exciting.

The Disadvantage of a Straight Pipe

As much as there are lots of benefits of having a straight pipe exhaust system. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Very Loud: Eliminating the muffler will increase your engine’s volume and attract a great deal of positive and negative attention.

Bad for the Environment: Without a catalytic converter to screen out the flow of dangerous elements of exhaust gases, they readily blend into the environment, causing significant pollution over time.

Quite Expensive: the Straight pipe exhaust systems are not cheap. Apart from the tool, you’ll need an expert to handle the setup since the setup steps are technical.

Straight Pipe Kit

Below are some of the straight pipe exhaust kits;

MagnaFlow MF Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System – 19388

Flowmaster Outlaw Series Cat-Back Exhaust System – 817726

MagnaFlow MF Series Performance Axle-Back Exhaust System – 15160

16PCS 2.5” OD DIY Custom Exhaust Tubing Mandrel Bend Pipe Straight & U-bend Kit

2.5” OD Stainless DIY 16-Pieces Straight 45 90 Degree U-band Exhaust Pipe Kit

2.5” Straight Pipe Kit Catback Exhaust Fits 08-14 Mercedes Benz W204 C300 C350

Universal 2.25” Stainless Flanged Exhaust Piping Adapter Straight Custom Tubing

Megan Universal 3” VIP Dual Exhaust SS Tip “Blast Pipes” Style weld-on Straight

How to Purchase a Straight Pipe Exhaust Kit

To purchase the kit from eBay online store, click on this link https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=straight%20pipe%20exhaust&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-153677-346401-

On eBay’s official website, kindly select your type of vehicle. Then scroll down the page to find your desired kit. Once you find the kit you want to buy, tap on it. Add to Cart and follow the onscreen directives.


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