Streaming on Twitch: How to Go Live and Stream on Twitch TV

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Streaming on twitch has become one of the most popular things to do for gamers these days. Although twitch is mostly for gamers or those who love to stream gameplays, it is really an awesome video streaming service.

There are very simple steps you can take to simply start streaming on Twitch. You really can’t have a conversation about live streaming without talking about twitch.

Streaming on Twitch

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Twitch has grown very popular and has become a major trend for gamers. It doesn’t really matter if twitch is a gaming-first platform, learning how to stream on Twitch is still impossible for some users (especially noobs).

Streaming on Twitch

When it comes to streaming on twitch, we first have to understand what the twitch service is. This brings about the question of what is twitch?

Twitch is a live video streaming service that is operated by a subsidiary of Amazon (twitch interactive). This service started out in 2011 as a spin-off of

This website and platform generally focus on video game live streaming. This live streaming includes broadcasts of esports competitions, music, creative content, and “in real life” streams.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

In this article, we would be covering how to streaming on Twitch. Like I said before, streaming on twitch is very easy but can be difficult for those who are new to twitch.

Before you can start streaming on twitch, there is some certain equipment that you have to put in place. First of all, twitch doesn’t just let you stream from the website even if you have an account.

Next, you need an account in order for you to be able to use this platform to live to stream your favorite games. If you want to watch streams instead, creating an account is not compulsory.

Live Stream on Twitch

There are tons of live streams on twitch. These streams were created by users and account owners for other users and account owners to watch. Almost everyone can start their own live stream on twitch and it is very easy.

Preparations to Start streaming on Twitch

Like I said before, you must have a twitch account and some streaming equipment’s to start streaming.

This streaming equipment is simply the application you would use in creating the stream. Here is the equipment you need to start streaming on Twitch.

  • You need an OBS for PC and laptop.
  • Omlet Arcade for Mobile devices.
  • You need a Twitch account.

Those are the equipment you need. OBS simply means open broadcaster software.

Start Streaming on Twitch

If you have all the equipment, follow the steps below to start streaming on twitch for free.

  • If you are using mobile, open the Omlet Arcade application, click the plus icon, and select the live stream icon. Select the application you want to stream and connect Omlet Arcade to twitch. Next, select twitch as the platform to stream to.
  • If you use a PC or laptop, download and install the open broadcaster software here. Download the version for your PC or laptop. Connect OBS to twitch with the stream key on the settings page of twitch.

After connecting on any device, you can technically start streaming on Twitch. If you don’t know what an OBS is, you can look it up on google.


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