What is Subaru SA? Have you heard of the Subaru brand as of yet? If you haven’t, here is a perfect opportunity to know and learn about the Subaru platform and brand. In order to get a full understanding of what Subaru SA is all about, you will firstly need to understand what Subaru is.

Do you know the reason for this? Well if you don’t know, here is the reason. When you get to know what Subaru is and what it stands for, then you will know what Subaru SA is. When it comes to one of the best and one of the most trusted brands in the world of automobiles, Subaru is one of the names that you will always pop up.

Subaru SA

Subaru SA

Subaru is a Japanese-owned company. This company is the automobile division of a much larger corporation, the corporation, which is a transportation conglomerate. This company was formerly known as Fuji heavy industries.

And as you may have known already from my previous articles, this company was the twenty-second largest automaker producer in the world back then in 2012. Subaru cars are still well known all over the world for not only their stealth but also for their boxer engine layout in most of their vehicles above 1500 cc. this is something they are known for all over the world.

Now enough of Subaru, Subaru SA is the South African office of this great automobile manufacturing company. There are lots of cars in the world today, no doubt. When you hear of the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Toyotas you think of really good cars.

No doubt, the Subaru brand is not yet in the same plain as some of the cars mentioned in this paragraph, but one thing I may tell you is that you should not take anything away from this brand. For this brand to make a name of its self in a very competitive market makes it one to look out for.

Why You Should Get A Subaru Car

Getting a Subaru car at the moment should be your utmost priority if you are out there looking for a car to purchase. With the coronavirus pandemic still in play and the negative effects it’s having on the economy; it is time to cut on our expenses. When compared to other brands in terms of purchase and maintenance, this automobile brand fairs well and even better.

When also compared with automobiles in its segment, you will notice that the car has the best in class safety technology, premium specification levels, and also a standard maintenance plan. Other competitors only offer service plans, unlike the Subaru brand.

There is also the four-wheel-drive system which is unique and standard across all models of the brand. Other competitors only implement this system on their more expensive models. Maintenance on the other hand is not that costly. All maintenance and service costs are covered by the brand. Well, this is excluding the glass, tyres, and of course accidental repair.

Where Are Subaru Vehicles Built

Nice question. Since Subaru has an office in South Africa, it doesn’t mean that the vehicles are produced in South Africa. are you surprised? Well if you are, you shouldn’t be. Subaru brand and products sold in South Africa are built-in gunman plant in japan. This plant is located just outside of Tokyo.

Globally, this is the only plant that is producing right-hand drive models of the brand. Left-hand drive models on the other hand for the North American market are built by Subaru of Indiana automotive. This plant is based in Indiana and it is tasked with the production of the Subaru Outback, Impreza lines of vehicles, and legacy.

Subaru Parts Enquiry

Just in case you need parts for your Subaru vehicle, you can order for it. Ordering Subaru parts is easy and fast. To order Subaru parts, click here. A dealership closest to you will facilitate the quote, supply, payment, and fulfillment if necessary, so you have nothing to worry about.

To book a service for your Subaru vehicle, click here. You will be contacted by call or email by the chosen dealership department to confirm a date for an appointment to finalize the whole process.

Subaru Maintenance Plan

The maintenance plan is very much different from the service plan. A service plan covers the cost of your vehicle’s services and that’s it. The maintenance plan on the other hand covers the cost of services and also replaces other wear and tear on items such as brakes, lights, batteries, clutches, and wiper blades. This is totally free.

Subaru Southern Africa Owner

Subaru South Africa is owned completely by Toyota tsusho corporation japan and Toyota tsusho Africa. This company is a trading company and a Toyota group member. This company has a huge presence globally through its various subsidiaries and operating divisions. It has over 150 0ffices worldwide and 900 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. The Toyota motor corporation owns about 16% of the Subaru Corporation just in case you are wondering.


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