What is Subaru in southern Africa? Subaru Southern Africa is a subsidiary of the Japanese automobile conglomerate. Subaru Southern Africa is, therefore, a car or automobile company. What this company does or what it is all about is that they produce cars, it is that simple.

Subaru Southern Africa


The Subaru Southern Africa is more like a branch office of the Subaru Company. Subaru itself is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation.

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This company was formerly known as the Fuji Heavy Industry. In 2012, this company was known as the 22nd largest automaker in the world in terms of production.

Subaru Southern Africa

Subaru cars are known globally for a lot of reasons. Therefore if you haven’t heard of this auto company, it simply means that you are not an auto person. Cars made by this company are known for their usage of a boxer engine layout in vehicles above 1500 cc.

Another thing that the cars or this company is known for is the symmetrical all-wheel drive drive-train layout and so much more. in 2019 alone, over 660, 000 units of cars were produced.

Subaru SA

If you are a South African and you are looking for a car to purchase, then you should try any product from Subaru. This company has offices all over the globe and in this article, I will be focusing more on the South African office.

Do you know that over 90% 0f the cars sold by Subaru over the past 10 years are still on the road? Yea this is true and what does this tell you of this automobile company? It simply tells you that the products of this automobile company are trustworthy. When it comes to longevity and durability, this is the product to look out for.

Subaru Automobile Product Features

If you have been following me on this article, then you should have known that I said that the products of this automobile company are strong and durable. When it comes to this automobile company, customer and employee safety comes first.

The products are also customized and adhere to all the regulations of the South African regulatory bodies. The products of this company are customized and are also integrated with all the latest online improvements you can think thereof.

What Makes Subaru Unique

One of the backbones of this product is safe. Safety is a very important and essential aspect of this company. It’s not just an option but a necessity. Subaru’s cars are being crash-tested before they are being put out to the public. This action has been taking place for a long time since 1965 even before it became a legislative requirement.

One very important safety technology developed by this company is eyesight technology. This technology is the first of its kind. It is the world’s first-ever driver-assist technology. This technology uses cameras to identify cyclists, pedestrians, cars, and other forms of hazards to warn you about them beforehand.

What is Subaru Best Known For?

Do you know that no other car in this world drives like the Subaru? Yes, this is so because no other car is built like it. The Subaru Company is the first automobile company to deliver the drive distribution technology to all four wheels.

From the SAWD system to the boxer engine layout, every piece of the Subaru car is designed to deliver the very best driving experience possible. With these in place, there is better control, safety, and pleasure altogether. This company is one of the few out there that really does more than just build cars.

The drivers are always at the forefront of their products. With these products, you will surely get to have a more out of life and driving experience. You are sure to get total peace of mind when you drive one of the Subaru products.

Subaru Southern African Website

Getting access to the Subaru platform and auto company in South Africa is easy. You can locate and visit any of their offices on the ground or you can just visit their online portal. When you visit their online portal, you will also get the various addresses and locations of their brick-and-mortar offices.

To get access to their online portal, go to Subaru South Africa. On their online portal, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and from there you will have access to the addresses of their ground offices and contact numbers.


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