Activate is the official website designed for Subway card activation. If you recently received a new subway card, you will have to activate or register it in order to start using the card. Furthermore, the activation steps for my subway card are very easy and fast. This article will teach you how to activate your subway gift card online. Activate Activate

The steps to activate your MySubway Card on are easy once you follow the guide in this write-up. There are different ways you can activate your subway card, such as online, in-store, or over the phone. Among these three activation methods, the online process remains the best.

Mysubwaycard Activate

After purchasing Mysubwaycard, you can start activating the My Subway Card on the official portal. You can visit the Mysubwaycard portal link at

By registering and activating your subway card, you stand to enjoy many benefits, like managing your entire activities, monitoring the history of your transactions, and more.

How to Register and Activate My Subway Card Online

The website activation procedures are listed below.

  • Go to the Mysubwaycard official website at or
  • Tap the icon on the login page of Subway Myway; it’ll bring you to the login page.
  • Then, select the option to Sign Up.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Tap on the active email address of the account. Subway Rewards Card account.
  • Set up a password that is useful for Subway Gift Card login.
  • Next, input the Your Subway Card password again.
  • Include the country as well as the phone number, too.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to complete the process.

These are steps to activate your new subway card.

Mysubwaycard Login – Activate

After activating your Subway Card on the portal, the next thing is to perform the Subway Myway login procedure. So, if you’re looking to log in to My Subway Card, then you must visit their official website at Mysubwaycard.Com. The Subway Card login website allows you to manage your card online. The Subway Myway portal offers a variety of benefits, such as the ability to check the Subway Gift Card balance or find out more information about Subway Gift Cards. and also see your history of transactions as well as Subway Card balance-related information.

How To Login To Mysubwaycard

Steps for the Mysubwaycard login include the following:

  • Visit my Subway Card website at
  • Tap on the image of a human on the profile.
  • On the login website, you will need to provide your username or email and password.
  • Then click on the sign-in button.

These are the steps for a subway card login.

About Subway

Subway is a popular store, and it’s known all over the world for its vast selection of tasty and delicious food items. If you love sandwiches, you can give Subway a trial. And if you’ve got the Subway Card with you, then you are able to comfortably enjoy a wide selection of sandwiches. However, Subway Gift Cardholders are among the most fortunate people to take advantage of the sandwiches of their choice.

Not only that, cardholders can enjoy meals at no cost and sweets.


After activating your Subway Card for the first time, you receive a reward point worth $50. And for each dollar spent, you will get four tokens. That is to say, if you keep spending money and earning tokens using MySubwaycard, there will be a  $2.50 reward which can be used to buy the next time you shop for food and services at Subway.

Benefits of Subway Giftcard

Here are the benefits of the Subway Giftcard:

  • There is no expiry or expiration date with the Subway Gift Card.
  • You can also send gifts to your friends and family members of your family and to your dear relatives.
  • With the Subway Card Gift Cards, customers do not have to carry cash around. They can pay for food or dinner by using a gift card.
  • There are reward points whenever you buy items through Subway Gift Cards.
  • The first time you activate a Subway Card, you get a bonus reward in the form of gift points at activation of about $150 from Subway.
  • Children can be given the Subway Card to use at Subway to eat.
  • All you want from Subway Restaurant, you can buy online and offline using the Subway Gift Card.
  • In Subway restaurants, the Subway Gift Card and MySubwaycard are used in many places.
  • Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for cash.

These are benefits of having the Subway Gift Card.

Mysubwaycard Customer Support

If you need help concerning your subway card, you can contact their customer service representative. To access the subway card contact us page, click on this link: then tap on the Contact Us button.

 How To Check Subway Gift Card Balance?

If you have a subway gift card, you must visit the subway restaurant where a salesman will swipe your card at your POS system and notify you of the balance. However, for an eGift Card, you can view the balance through their mobile app, web login at the balance, or call their customer support phone number.


Can I refill someone else’s gift card?

Yes, you can help someone refill your Subway Gift Card Balance, but make sure that the card is valid. Register first, and after that, let it load.

How do I activate my Subway card?

You can activate your Subway Card by creating a Subway MyWay® Rewards account at or by downloading the Subway® App and creating an account and adding your Subway® Card under Cards & Payments.

Do I have to activate my Subway gift card? Activate

The physical Subway® Cards need not be registered in order for them to be reloaded at Subway® restaurants, but they do need to be registered in order to be reloaded online at using a credit card.

How do I reload my Subway card online?

You can reload your Subway Card dollar value balance in many ways. The physical version of the Subway® Card can be reloaded at participating Subway® restaurants in the U.S. and Canada using cash or a credit card, and may also be reloaded online at using a credit card.


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