The Swedish institute scholarships for global professionals (SISGP) 2020 is just the right pick if you have the ambition to become a future leader on a global platform. This platform also has to be within sustainable development.

This scholarship aims at developing future global leaders that will eventually contribute to the united nation’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Swedish Institute Scholarships

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This development aims to contribute to a positive and sustainable development in the homes, regions, and countries of candidates.

Swedish Institute Scholarships

This program is funded by the ministry of foreign affairs. The Swedish Institute of scholarship offers people a unique opportunity to develop both academically and professionally.

It gives you the chance to experience the Swedish society and culture and build a long-lasting relationship with both Sweden and other scholarship holders.

Usually, 4 – 6 percent of all the applicants would be awarded a global professional scholarship.

Benefits of the Swedish Institute Scholarships

Here are some benefits of this scholarship.

  • The Swedish institute scholarship offers insurance against illness and accidents.
  • Successful candidates would receive a regular payment of SEK 10,000 to cover all your living expenses throughout the span of the scholarship.
  • The Sweden institute fully covers your tuition fees to the Swedish university you attend. This would be paid directly at the beginning of each semester.
  • For some countries, the scholarship also includes a travel grant of SEK 15,000 for the entire study period. For other countries, the travel grant is SEK 10,000.
  • After the end of the scholarship, you would gain membership to the Sweden Institute Alumni.

Those are the benefits of this semester.


Here is the eligibility for this scholarship.

  • You must have demonstrated leadership experience from your previous or current employment or civil society.
  • Be a citizen of one of the eligible countries.
  • You must also be liable to pay the tuition fees to the Swedish universities, have followed the steps of the admission, and also be admitted to one of the eligible master’s program before the 9th of April 2021.
  • Your minimum work experience must be three thousand hours.
  • The master studies must also be available for master’s studies.

Eligible Countries

  • Armenia;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Bolivia;
  • Belarus;
  • Brazil;
  • Cambodia;
  • Cameroon;
  • Colombia;
  • Ecuador;
  • Egypt;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Gambia;
  • Georgia;
  • Ghana;
  • Guatemala;
  • Honduras;
  • Indonesia;
  • Jordan;
  • Kenya;
  • Liberia;
  • Malawi;
  • Moldova;
  • Morocco;
  • Myanmar (Burma);
  • Nepal;
  • Nigeria;
  • Pakistan;
  • Peru;
  • Philippines;
  • Russia;
  • Rwanda;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Sudan;
  • Tanzania;
  • Tunisia;
  • Turkey;
  • Uganda;
  • Ukraine;
  • Vietnam;
  • Zambia;
  • Zimbabwe.

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How to Apply

First of all, you must apply for a master’s program before you can apply for a Sweden institute of scholarship. You can get more information here.

To apply, submit all the required documents from the previous link to the previous link. If you are confused, follow this link.


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