The Target Employee Login portal is accessible 24-7 at If you are an employee at a Target store, you can access your work details online with a few clicks on the Target Employee portal.

Target Employee Login

Are you a new employee at a Target store and don’t know how to sign in to access Target employee benefits, pay stubs, and other important work information? Please continue reading.

Target Employee Login

Target Team Member Services: What is it all about? The Target team member service portal is fully loaded with all employees’ or company details. You can visit the team members’ official websites to access all work-related information as a target employee. However, on the team member services website, you will see buttons for shopping for team members, targetpay& benefits, and workday.

Bullseye shop login: this is a fast, fun, and friendly place to shop for your team, your event, or yourself.

TargetPay and benefits login: With this pay and benefits login, you will access your personalised pay, benefits, and total well-being information.

Workday Login: target workday login, gives you easy access to manage personal & career information + view pay statements on any device

How To Login To Shop As A Target Team Member

Take the following steps as a Target employee to shop for your team or yourself.

This is the easiest and fastest way to shop if you’re a staff member at Target company.

How To Log In To Target Employee Workday

To access team members’ workday portal, do the following:

You will access your target workday info such as paystubs, personal data, etc. These are the Target Login Workday steps.

Steps to log in for Targetpayandbenefits – Targetpayandbenefits Login Steps

The Target Pay and benefits sign-in steps include

These are the target pay and benefits login steps.

My Time Target login

Download the My Time Target App today to access your work and company information online.

With the mobile app, Target employees can access their target workday payslip and personal data. Thus, they can also access target pay and benefits.

How To Login To Target Employee Portal Using Mytime Target App

To sign in to your employee account, via the target app, do the following:

  • Visit the app store.
  • Search for the Mytime Target app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Locate the login widget, or find the attached workday/pay& benefits tab.

Follow the guide to signing in to your account.

About Target

Target is one of the most popular stores in the United States. It is the eighth largest retailer in the United States. Their employees’ benefits website is also known as Target Pay and Benefits Hewitt, and it’s managed by Aon Hewitt.

The company provides outstanding insurance to eligible team members. Staff can get financial benefits like parental leave, team member discount, life insurance, etc. To understand more about Target team member benefits, read the section below.


Targetpayandbenefits is an online platform that allows target retail employees to access their pay and benefits information. The company offers amazing benefits to help team members discover the joy of everyday life by taking care of themselves and loved ones.

The benefits you get from Target include health well-being, financial well-being, and pay and time off. For you to partake, these benefits will depend on your position, average hours, and time with the target.

Benefits Of Targetpayandbenefits

Here are benefits you can start to enjoy as a target team member.

  • Health benefits such as vision plans, medical plans, dental plans, etc.
  • Financial benefits such as a pension, TGT 401(k), Direct deposit, life insurance, short & long-term disability and more.
  • Access your payment, benefits and well-being info online.
  • Enjoy easy access to manage your career and personal data.
  • Enjoy a reliable and secure service.

These are some of the benefits and features designed for target team members.

Target Pay and Benefits Number

Searching for a target pay and benefits phone number? If so, follow the steps below;

Scroll down the page and you will see the pay & benefits phone number below.

How do I log into my Target employee?

There are two ways to log in to the target employee portal.

You can log in online via the Target employee website at

Alternatively, log in by downloading the Target Employee app(My Time Target app).

How do I get my W2 from Target?

To get your W2 from Target, do this.

  • Ask Your Store Manager.
  • Use Target’s Online Portal.
  • Request a Transcript from the IRS
  • If you use H&R Block to do your taxes,

How do I view my Target pay stub online?

You will need to visit the official website of Target at Tap on the workday button. You can log into the account to access the target schedules. By providing a user id and password, you can log into the account. Now, you’re eligible to access benefits such as employee benefits, pay stubs, view schedules, etc.

What is the Target employee app?

The target Employee app is known as the myTime Target app. Depending on your location, the Mytime Target app allows Team Members to view their schedule, indicate availability preferences, request to cover shifts and pick up shifts


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