Ted Global Idea Search 2021: Apply Now

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Technology Entertainment Design Ted Global Idea Search 2021 edition is on and it is currently calling for application. This is an opportunity for all those that are currently involved in the technological, entertainment, and all-around design developers.

Are you fully into the entertainment industry and ready to impact your world? Do you want an initiative program as a means of expanding your scope of design?

TED is hosting two major global ideas search in this edition. Note that this initiative is simply concerned with bold ideas from everywhere around the world. They also bear a mission for a selected group of people from each application pool for the sole purpose of TED talks.

Ted Global Idea Search 2021

Ted Global Idea Search 2021

In this very idea search, applicants will be asked to develop and create a movie of two-seconds. This is what the applicant will use for applying for the idea research.

As earlier mentioned above, the Ted Global Idea Search 2021 is a two-way initiative program. On side of the second round of the search involves an invitation to a virtual event. It is here applicants will be needed to talk more about their idea and participate in questions & answers with members of the TED community.

TED is launching this application in favor of those that have beautiful ideas worth spreading for the purpose of improving the quality of the technological, entertainment, and design worlds.

Criteria For Successful Application 

TED is in search of ideas that are new, unique, and what can offer an insight or a new way of thinking to a very large audience. They are;

  • The TED talk always involve a topic and an idea
  • Your ideas must be worth spreading
  • The prospective audience must learn something new from your idea
  • Your topic and ideas must be new this brings the need for applicants to check out the TED massive library.

Interested applicants can always visit the tips for success before applying on the application portal.

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