The 12 Best Apple Watch Apps for 2023. Apple Watch users would love to use their watches having really good apps to aid a better usage of the device. We are going to be talking about the 12 best Apple Watch apps that you could view in the year 2023.

The 12 Best Apple Watch Apps for 2023
The 12 Best Apple Watch Apps for 2023

The 12 Best Apple Watch Apps for 2023

And it is discovered that the Apple watch is been used by over 100 million users as of the end of 2020 and by observation, 38% of Apple watch users tend to glance at their watch at least 2 to 3 times per hour every day.

Best Apple Watch Apps

Let’s look at some of the Best Apple Watch apps that give you ease in your day-to-day activities.

  • Pennies

The best app for your finance is the Pennies app. Pennies app helps you to keep and manage your finance effectively, it does not just help you keep track of your financial activities but also helps you to be able to budget in order to spend wisely.

The budgets are arranged weekly, monthly, and yearly which helps you manage your finance the way you really want to. In essence, the app helps you keep in check your financial health in order to help you not get broke.

The features that build up this app are, there are no limits to your budgeting setup, easy transfer of funds, there is also 3D touch support, and many other features you would find out when you use the app.

You can get the app from the app store at $4.99. Get Pennies.

  • Watchsmith

This is one of the best apps that aid you to be to change the interface of your apple watch to the best interface you want. The app comprises a different interface that matches your taste. Not just about your interface but the app gives you other information on other stuff like data on weather, date, or any other related information that might interest you.

Let’s look at some of the features that make up this app, features as the time zone converter: the time converter changes with the environment you find yourself. You have access to different tools, this is because the app places all related tools in the same place for easy access. And many other cool features.

You get to have access to this app at different offers, you could get the app for free and also get the app at an annual price of $19.99, then monthly you could get the app at $1.99.

Get WatchSmith.

  • Gentler Streak

Looking for the best app to track your fitness level, then Gentler Streak got you covered. Starting from the cool interface of the app to the point where it helps to track all your fitness activities makes the app very effective.

There are a lot of workout activities or fitness activities that this app could help you to track for effective training. Like if you happen to be involved in football or basketball, then the app helps you to calculate the distance. If you are involved in skiing, rowing, and other related activities then the app helps you to keep track of your route or path in order to avoid getting lost.

You could get the app for free but to enjoy other features you could also get the app at $6.99 per month.

Get Gentler Streak

  • Strava

This is of the best app that helps you to track your activity for routing and it is one of the popular apple watch apps. The app helps to track your running activities, you get to track your route and also put more interpretation on all your training sessions.

They are other related activities to running like yoga, hiking, mountain climbing, and other related activities. They help to track your performance on all these activities.

You can get this app for free at the app store. Get Strava.

  • WorkOutDoors

This is an app that is used and manufactured for a workout that gives you details that assist you in a better workout. There are over 300 live metrics buttons and graphs that help you to keep track whenever you are hiking, skiing, cycling, or running.

Another part of the app is that the app also helps you to time your workout and it also notifies you when the time elapses. There are other features that make the app unique, which are: A vector map that can be zoomed or rotated easily, you can get alerts or notifications for your heart rate, pace, cadence, or speed, Set intervals alerts for distances, multiple configurable data screen displays and many other features.

To be able to get this app is available on the App store at $5.99.

Get WorkOutDoors.

  • Cloud Battery

If the apps available on your apple watch consume battery, then you would not enjoy your apple watch effectively, this is where the value of cloud battery comes in as it helps to manage your battery from all apps that consume the battery of your apple watch.

Now, this app does not just limit your apple watch but also goes for all your Apple devices. Cloud battery application helps you to keep track of all your apple devices that you use. Not just monitoring alone, it also informs you of the battery level of all paired devices, and informs of when to charge them and when they are also fully charged.

Some cool features of the app are: the app helps for tracking in your iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch devices, it has Siri shortcuts integration, real-time battery monitoring, and seamless iCloud integration. The app also informs of the difficulties that you have on all paired apple devices and it takes less stress to set up the app.

You could get the app free, but if you do not like ads showing up on your apps, Then you could also get the app at $2.99 from the app store.

Get Cloud Battery.

  • Carrot Fit

Maybe you went to the gym and you already have exercises in mind that you would love to achieve for the day, or maybe you are at home and you want a guide for an effective exercise, then Carrot Fit got you covered on this.

This app aids you with exercises with an AI feature that guides you and instructs you on all your workout activities, the AI feature could feel real as it inspires you to go on with your exercise in order to complete the exercise. The aim of the app is to offer you an effective completion of your daily routine on your workout activities.

You could get the app from the app store at $4.99 for an effective workout.

Get Carrot Fit.

  • Bear Focus Timer

This is app is for your kids if you choose to control their activities for effective management of time. This is equally the best app for your kids to help them concentrate and focus on activities that are helpful to them.

Do your kids find it hard to concentrate on their studies and when they are home, they can equally focus on their homework? The app helps to time your kids on when to play and when they should be serious with their homework.

And if your kid happens to mess around with the time or even adjusts the time, the app shows your kid songs or writeups that show why he/ she should not mess up the time schedule.

Some features that make the app helpful are: The app is simple to use, it is easy to set up and you could adjust the timer to the way it suits your kid it also has an optional white noise sound, for kids who learn with illustrations and animation, then this app is the best choice for that kid.

You could get the app from the app store at $1.99.

Get Bear Focus Timer (BFT).

  • Deliveries

This is the best for package tracking. In this sense of this, the app helps to track your activities on every package that needs to be delivered to you. Once the package leaves the factory, the app instantly notifies you and helps you to track the progress of your package until it gets to your doorstep.

If you happen to be in the United States, the app is fully supported and it is easily accessible. You can get the app free and if you want to enjoy other features for better usage of the app, the premium subscription is available for $0.99.

Get Deliveries.

  • CheatSheet Notes

In order to have notes on what activities you which to do and other activities you wish to keep as memorials. Then cheatsheet Note is the best app that gives you the easy and best access to keep notes and not just notes but you can also post the notes in a form of a widget on your Apple watch.

And the notes are easy to access and it is free to get from the app store. Get Cheatsheet.

  • Streaks Workout

This is the best app that helps you to be able to get the best workout exercises that do not require equipment. The app gives you details on every exercise with the best illustrations. The app has 30 different exercises of different categories that you could choose from and they are also of different levels.

You could enjoy music while you are working out and you could get the app at $3.99 from the app store. Get Streaks Workout.

  • AutoSleep

The best way to have a healthy body and also live healthily is to sleep properly. In order to achieve that, Autosleep is the best app that could help you track your sleeping pattern and it starts up immediately when you fall asleep.

One of the things you need to know is that you don’t need to wear the watch to bed before it starts tracking your sleep, you could leave it at the side of your bed and it still tracks your sleep and when you are awake, the app gives you notification of how well you slept.

The app is accessible at $4.99 from the app store. Get AutoSleep.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best WhatsApp for your Apple Watch?

Do you want to access WhatsApp on your Apple watch and you do not know the right WhatsApp to check out? WatchChat has become the fastest and assuring app that gives you access to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

Is there an age limit for the Apple Watch?

There happens to be an age limit, especially for your kids that are still in school, this is done in order to avoid distractions for your kids. As a parent or a guardian, you could manage your kid’s Apple watch by setting it up in a way you could monitor whatever they are doing. You could also do that by being the family organizer in a family-sharing group.

Can I access Netflix on my Apple Watch?

If you happen to be a fan of Netflix and you don’t want to use your phone but your Apple watch, then you could do that by going to the remote app on your apple watch and from there you could access Netflix and watch all the movies you would love to watch.

How many apps are on the Apple watch?

There are too many apps on the apple watch and there all have different functionality. But it was discovered that the apple watch has a total of more than 20,000 apps.

What is the battery duration of the Apple watch?

You have been glued to your apple watch and you do not how fast the watch drains or how the battery lasts. According to Apple, they desire to give the Apple Watch a duration of 18 hours after you have successfully charged all throughout the night.



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