The 8 Best Google Maps Alternatives of 2023. Traveling anywhere with the right direction assistant is the best feeling in the whole world. Well, these are the alternatives to Google maps and there also work and function like Google maps.

The 8 Best Google Maps Alternatives of 2023
The 8 Best Google Maps Alternatives of 2023

The 8 Best Google Maps Alternatives of 2023

Have you ever found that when you plan your trip using the right tools, you tend to enjoy the trip better?

Well, just in case you could not get access to Google Maps, then these are the best alternatives that could aid you in a better and more enjoyable trip.


This is one of the widely used alternatives for Google Maps, and it has an easy interface that makes new users easy to adapt to the app. The app helps to keep drivers in check and gives them awareness about traffic changes, hazards, and other issues drivers tend to encounter on the road.

It is accessible to those who use desktop, iOS, and Android devices. And drivers could share their experiences about the paths they have encountered in order for other drivers to be fully aware and not make the same mistake. You could get the Map Editor that helps your map look better.

Some information that other drivers could get our information on gas stations with cheap prices, sites, and roads under development. All this information is updated by other drivers as said above.

There is a feature called the Live Map that allows drivers to know more about their destination, know easier routes to their destination, fun spots that could make the journey less stressful for those going on long journeys.

Scout GPS Link

This app is really cool having features of different route options and giving information on traffic and safety camera alerts. This app is what we can call stressless, this is because you do not need to be looking at the map every time for directions.

All you have to do is to connect the app to your Bluetooth and you get the information on directions as it displays from the screen on your car, which saves you the stress of looking at your phone every time. And the app has cool features like 3D and 2D maps which gives easy access to saved recent locations and other features that make for less stressful driving. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

CoPilot GPS Navigation

This is another awesome app that offers offline access to maps downloaded. This is most advisable for larger vehicles. To modify your apps better by adding stops to your map, all there is for a better trip.

The navigation or direction for small vehicles is not the same navigation you would be used for vehicles like trucks, this is why CoPilot is the best option for your big vehicles. This app is available for use on your iOS and Android devices.

Apple Maps

This is the app that is available for iOS devices that


This app as the name implies gives you good and preferable routes around cities and it has routes or navigation around major cities. The app gives you information and updates on issues that disturb public transportation.

Now, this makes moving around or sightseeing around major cities better by searching the city you wish to visit, and the after searching, you would find some information you wish to find about that city. It is available on your iOS and Android devices.

Pocket Earth

This is another map that aids you to be able to plan your trips better. There are some features that give detailed information on trips and map plotting, it also has the feature of offline access to downloaded maps and many other cool features.

This app like the name offers more information than just driving, it gives you information on hiking, boating, and cycling sites that allows you to be aware of great sites that is ideal for hiking, cycling, and other related activity. It is available on an iOS device.

Bing Maps

This is an app that has a really good interface. It has really good features like 3D views and the operating system maps and let’s not forget the street view. This app like Google Maps gives you access to driving maps that you the opportunity to add destinations to the route. The app gives you access to different street-side paths that you could find.

Maps. Me

This app is another cool alternative to Google maps. There are some cool features that were discovered by Lifewire and some of them are the ability to create different routes with different destinations, you could access offline maps and navigation directions, and many other related features.

If you love discovering new places, then Map.Me would give ideas or suggestions on fun sites that you could visit. Not just any sites but the sites that would attract your interest. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GPS app that is accurate?

The following are the GPS apps that are accurate and you could rely on their information, which are:

  • Waze
  • Scout GPS.
  • Apple Maps.
  • MapQuest
  • Google Maps. And many other GPS apps.
What is the number one ranking Navigation app?

The navigation app that is ranked number one in the year 2022, is Google Maps and is also the most downloaded map and navigation app, especially in the United States after Google Maps, then we would see Waze.

What is the best online map that you could get?

There are a lot of online maps but not all are reliable, but here are some of them:

  • MapQuest
  • TomTom
  • Maps.Me
  • Bing Maps.
  • OpenStreetMap and OsmAnd and many other maps.
What is the best Android GPS app?

What is the best suggestion for an Android GPS app? The number one suggestion is Google Maps and followed by the Waze app, these two could be the best suggestion for an android app.

Is Waze better than Google Maps?

We know that Google Maps is the best and one of the most reliable maps you could get. But Waze has cool features like the best routes that guide you to avoid traffic and potholes, not just that it has other cool standard features that make it compete with Google Maps.



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