Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad – One of the most fun parts of using your system is when you are able to use your every single time of using your iPad for productive activity.

The Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad
The Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad

The Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad

Well, this article would be giving you the best choice of apps that are produced for you.

What to know before getting a Productive App for your iPad?

There are some things to consider before getting a productive app on your iPad, the followings are the information or features you would have to consider:

  • Support: The best part of an app is when it encourages customer care and support. Now does the app you have chosen support its customers?
  • The app interface: One of the things or features that I check most of the times I use an app is the interface, is the app easy to use and is it possible to access the features of the app?
  • Price: Is the price of the app according to your budget or beyond your budget? And if you happen to get the app would the app be productive to you?
  • Functionality: Most of the apps found on my phone happens to have a function that it adds to my life at one point or the other.

Those of the features mentioned above are what we are supposed to check out before getting any productive app for your iPad. Now we have placed those options down, then we can check out the apps that are productive for our iPad.

Best Free Productive App for iPad

The following apps that we are about to look into are the productive apps that keep us growing in our everyday life even with using our iPad devices. Every app has its own features that make it unique.

  • Fantastical

This is one of the productive apps that helps and assists us to be able to track and manage our tasks and to-do items that you would love to take care of. This app makes it very easy to be able to keep all important information well-organized and easily accessible.

Features that make up this app are what make the app the best. The task manager makes it easy to keep all your tasks in one place and well organized. To make the task more detailed you could add notes or write up for easy access.

Most people love the app for its customizable interface and also you could get an iPhone app extension that lets you keep up with activities that are in progress. Getting the app comes with two packages, Packages like an Individual package at $5.49 per month, and a family package it is $8.99 per month.

  • PCalc

This is an iPhone app that is highly productive and accessible for an iPad device. This app helps you to be able to track down or monitor your progress on your important activities. And what makes the app an easy-to-use app is the part where you can time when the period it takes to complete all important tasks. And it gives on which task comes next and which does not.

The features that make up the app are that it assists the user to be able to monitor activity performance and progress. It also gives access to things that helps you to work with successful result. And let’s not forget the part where the app times your progress for speed on your task. The app is an iOS app that is available on an iPad device, the app is for personal and professional purposes.

The app is accessible at $9.99 per month.

  • Yoink

This is one of the most productive apps that are accessible on your iPad device. The app gives you the ability to properly and effectively use video clips, you get to share part of the video from calls, and meetings for effective purposes.

Features that build up the app are that it allows the user easy access to files, emails, and important documents. It also assists to schedule activities for later use. Most of all, it is a user-friendly app with an understandable interface.

Getting the app at $8.99 per month.

  • Spark

This is the app that assists or aids you to keep all your information from your contacts, calendar, and email. There are features that make up the app, features as the app giving you daily updates on information from your email. The app also monitors the number of replies and messages you receive.

Planning on getting detailed information from your email, or getting information on dates from your calendar, then Get the app as a premium individual at $4.99 per month, or for an annual payment, you can get the app at $59.99.

  • Paste

This is an iPad app for students. The app was designed for the high productivity of the students in their academics. The students get to stay focused, and organized and get details that help to monitor their progress. The timer also helps the students to be time conscious.

Features that make up this app are the cloud-based clipboard that gives students the ability to access this app from any device. For students, who love to multi-task or do different productive activities at the same time, this app helps you to achieve all these activities in an organized and effective manner.

The app can be gotten at $1.99 per month or you could get the app at $14.99 per month, this subscription depends on what features you wish to see.

How to productively Maintain iPad

In order to make sure you take care of your iPad productively, follow the tips below as suggested by MakeUseOf:

  • Open the Notes App with your Apple pencil.
  • Start using Quick Notes.
  • Master Spilt view and slide over.
  • Find and use the right Safari extensions.
  • Take Advantage of Live Text.
  • Use Focus mode to avoid distractions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Productive a free app?

The productive app is a very healthy app as it helps you to build healthy habits and also helps you to keep track of your daily activities helping you to achieve your goals daily. And the app is free and also has a part of a subscription that gives you the privilege to enjoy other features you would love the subscription comes for a year at $23.99.

What are the three productive apps?

There are a lot of productive apps but three of those productive apps stand out, which are:

  • Clariti
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
What app increases your productivity?

One of the apps that really help to increase your productivity is the Todoist. This app helps you to be organized, for example, it helps you to organize and helps you to keep track of your day. The to-do list is the app that helps you manage every time effectively.

Are there alternatives to the Productive app?

The number one app that is an alternative to the productive app is Habitica and this app is free and an Open-source app. Other related apps are, SwissTasks, and the Streaks.

Are there productive tools?

Yes, there are productive tools and some of them are:

  • nTask
  • Infinity
  • Calendar
  • Slack
  • Shift and many others you would love to explore.




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