The Best Group Video Call Apps in 2023. Technology has removed every limitation to making things happen, completing projects, or performing tasks. So many of these apps came in handy during times of lockdown, homesickness, and other emergency situations. You don’t get to miss out on anything.

The Best Group Video Call Apps in 2023
The Best Group Video Call Apps in 2023

The Best Group Video Call Apps in 2023

Almost every activity is virtual, and you don’t have the excuse of missing out on anything. We are going to guide you through the best group video call apps in 2023.

Best Group Video Call Apps

The following are the best choices of apps for group video calls:

Zoom – Best App for Video Calling

This is a communication technology company that offers reliable services for group video calls. Zoom facilitates the collaboration of teams, the engagement of new audiences, the holding of business meetings, and other related activities. You can get it for free and enjoy limited services, or you can sign up for plans that give you unlimited access.

There are so many activities and features that you get to enjoy when you use Zoom. Activities and features like virtual meetings, team chat, VoIP phone systems, online whiteboards, conversation intelligence, email, and a calendar are just a few.

So many businesses all across the globe choose Zoom as their means of connection. This is not just a means of communication; you also get updated on information around you. Zoom also keeps you updated on their activities, including the Zoom report, events, new products, and so many others.

Download Zoom

Google Meet

This is a video communication service that is developed by Google, and it is one of the Google apps that replaced Google Hangouts. This is one of the services that offers secure and high-quality video meetings with no interruptions.

They offer the ultimate privacy and security for all your information. With Google Meet, you get to meet anywhere and anytime. And it is compatible with all devices, and with the embedded AI enhancement, all the calls are clear, even when your surroundings happen to be noisy. And there are so many other features you would love to check out.

Get started with Google Meet.


This is an encrypted messaging service for instant messaging, voice, and video calls. The functions of messaging function include sending text, voice notes, images, videos, and other files. The encryption feature of the app helps keep every conversation that you have private.

The signal cannot access your messages or listen to your calls, and no one can access your information. There are no ads or any related activity that would interrupt your activity, you get to enjoy your moment and have it. There are so many features you get access to when you sign up for this app.

Download Signal.


Another name for Viber is Rakuten Viber, and it is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application. This app includes many features, such as voice and video calls, group chats and calls, stickers, and GIFS, which you can access on your mobile device or desktop.

There is a feature that helps bring people together: you get to meet new people. Be part of the conversation on topics that you are fond of. There is also privacy, which keeps all your information secure and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Get started with Viber.

Microsoft Teams – Free Group Video Calls

This is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft and also a part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. With Microsoft Teams, you get to meet, chat, call, and collaborate. \

You get to virtualize all your meetings from anywhere and anytime. And you get access to information that would be relevant to you. Microsoft Teams comes in different categories and plans. Microsoft Teams Essentials ($4.00), Microsoft 365 Business Basic ($6.00), and many other plans exist, all depending on what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you combine videos together?

In order to combine videos together on your Android device, follow the steps below:

  • You go to the app of your choice and choose the video option.
  • Then pick the videos that you wish to combine.
  • Add clips and trim the videos.
  • Add a transition effect in between the video clips.
  • Add text, stickers, or any other related feature.
  • Then you can save the video.
How can I make a group call on WhatsApp?

To make a video call on WhatsApp, you must:

  • Tap on the call icon.
  • Click on “new call,” and under “new call options,” click on “new group call.”
  • Then click on the contacts you wish to start up the call with.
  • Lastly, click on Video Call to get started.
What is the number one video calling app?

The number-one video calling app is Google Meet. And Google Meet is the upgraded version of Google Duo, and Google Meet happens to do more than just video calling, as it can be used for meetings, training sessions, and other business activities.

What are the best video calling apps that can be recommended?

There is a lot of video calling apps, and some of them happen to have very good features that make them outstanding and highly recommended. Some of them are:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Discord
  • FaceTime
  • Whatapps
  • Microsoft Teams and so many others
Does Telegram have a video calling feature?

Yes, Telegram has a video calling feature, and you can add up to 30 members to your group, broadcast from your camera or screen at the same time, and have over 1000 members watch the video call.


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