The Best Online College For Military? Searching for online colleges offering the best support for active-duty military? The good news here is, that you will find the right answer to your question in this post. In determining the best-friendly online college – the best online colleges military must be committed to providing accurate and objective content to its students.

The Best Online College For Military

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The Best Online College For Military – Top Online Military Colleges

There are lots of online schools for the military out there, including online military colleges for spouses, but how does one know the best out of them? You will find out factors to consider in order to identify the best school in this content.

Before I go into listing top online military colleges, find out important factors to consider when selecting online colleges as a military student.

Important Factors for Military Students Choosing a College

Consider Major and Degree Offerings: Not all colleges and universities feature similar programs, so make sure your prospective schools offer the major and degree you seek.

Accreditation: Check the schools’ accreditation status and performance measures before making your choice. However,  the top military colleges hold institutional accreditation from regional accrediting organizations.

Consider Veteran and Military Programs and Services: Some online colleges support veteran students by participating in the 8 Keys to Veterans Success and Principles of Excellence programs. Military-friendly school features may include veteran resource centers, student veteran associations, and student veterans’ lounges.

Cost of the school: Military students usually qualify for financial support through various programs, including the GI Bill® and the Tuition Assistance Top-Up. Moreover, lots of schools charge high prices for tuition, room and board, and university fees. So, it’s good to consider the school price tags. This will help you to avoid picking up student loans.

School Size and Location: The learning environment differs between large universities and small colleges. Large learning environments often provide more degree options and student resources, while smaller schools may offer more individualized attention and mentorship. And again Urban colleges connect enrollees to more cultural and career opportunities, while rural colleges may better suit learners who prefer natural beauty and small-town culture.

Transfer Credits: before you make a choice, you should also consider whether your previous college credits will transfer over when selecting an online college.

Best Accredited Online Military-Friendly Colleges – The Best Online Colleges for Military

Find out the list of top online military colleges in this very section

Southern New Hampshire University –  Online College in New Hampshire.

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Admission Rate: 88%

Graduation Rate: 44%

institution Type: Private

Accreditation: Yes

Online Enrollment percentage: 94%

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has been a military-friendly school for over 80 years. It oversees more than 200 online programs. The school also offers tuition discounts of up to 30% for active military personnel and their spouses.

However, prospective undergraduate students need only a high school diploma or the equivalent for admission.

Liberty University – An Online School in Virginia

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

Admission Rate: 51%

Graduation Rate: 47%

Institution Type: Private

Accreditation: Yes

Percent Online Enrollment: 92%

Liberty Online University offers over 100 online bachelor’s programs and more than 300 online master’s programs. This military-friendly school provides military degree plans, such as tuition discounts and tuition assistance, technology fee waivers, and support during deployment and returns.

However, prospective students need a high school diploma or its equivalent for undergraduate admission.

The University of Central Florida – Online School in Florida

Location: Orlando, Florida

Admission Rate: 44%

Graduation Rate: 72%

Accreditation: Yes

Percent Online Enrollment: 59%

Online military students at the University of Central Florida (UCF) have access to over 100 degree programs. The military-friendly institution offers military benefits through GI Bill programs, the Yellow Ribbon Program, and Veteran Readiness and Employment services.

This online college for the military also provides tuition assistance, military scholarships, and free tuition for Florida National Guard members. However, prospective undergraduate students need a high school diploma (or the equivalent) and SAT or ACT scores for admission.

Averett University- Online School in Virginia

Location: Danville, Virginia

Admission Rate: 24%

Graduation Rate: 100%

institution Type: Private

Accreditation: Yes

The Graduate and Professional Studies subsidiary at Averett University offers online programs in seven main fields, such as business, education, and nursing. This military college offers military tuition discounts of 25-50%, military scholarships, and benefits like GI Bill benefits, Veteran Readiness and Employment Services, and the Yellow Ribbon Program.

However, Prospective students will need a high school diploma or its equivalent for admission.

Arizona State University – Online School in Arizona

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Admission Rate: 64%

Graduation Rate: 4%

Accreditation: Yes

Arizona State University is one of the top military-friendly colleges. The school registered over 6,000 military personnel. It offers nearly 300 online programs and certificates.

Further, prospective students need a high school or GED diploma for admission. Registered students may receive transfer credits for military training and education.

University of Massachusetts Global – Online College in California

Location: Irvine, California

Admission Rate: 89%

Graduation Rate: 60%

Institution Type: Private

Accreditation: Yes

The University of Massachusetts Global was formerly known as Brandman University. It is an online school for active-duty military, offering over 90 online programs. The school offers military transition programs, tuition assistance programs, and tuition discounts of up to 50% for military personnel.

Prospective students need a high school diploma with a 2.0 minimum GPA for admission.

Is Military School Free?

Military colleges like the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy serve current and future service members. Applicants get free or mostly free tuition, plus room, board, and benefits. Benefits usually include dental and medical care.

However, the U.S. Airforce Academy, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy also cover enrollees’ tuition, room, and board. Moreover, military students and veterans also may attend free school at non-military institutions through the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance Top-Up, or ROTC programs.

What is the Best Online College Of Military Reddit?

Arizona State University

Colorado State University (ty, u/russki !)

Penn State University

Ohio State University

Oregon State University

Utah State University

Excelsior College


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