The Boot Barn Credit Card is a Comenity Bank card. A credit card with outstanding benefits and features. If you are a frequent shopper at the Boot Barn store, you can take advantage of this credit card. Cardholders earn amazing rewards on eligible purchases with the card.

The Boot Barn Credit Card

However, to learn more about the card, including its outstanding benefits, the application process, login steps, payment procedure, and more, read on.

The Boot Barn Credit Card

The Credit Card comes with the following benefits:

  • Receive 15% off your first purchase when you open and use the Credit Card on the same day of account opening.
  • Earn double points on every purchase with the use of the Credit Card and must enrol or be enrolled in the B Rewarded Program.
  • Get a $15 reward for every 250 points earned.
  • Only Boot Barn CC holders are eligible for the 20% off coupon upon receiving their new card.
  • Earn 10% off a purchase during your birthday month.
  • Get exclusive offers and discounts only valid for Boot Barn CC holders.

These are the benefits of the Comenity Bank boot barn card.

Boot Barn Credit Card Application

Apply for your Credit Card today, featuring exclusive card member benefits. The application procedure is very simple and fast.

To kick off the application, you can sign in to your B REWARDED account, then select “Apply.”

If you are not a B REWARDED member, click the “Sign Up for B REED” button to become one now. Enrol today and receive 100 free points. You will earn points whenever you shop at the stores or online at

Every 250 points earn you a $15 reward to spend on all the best brands like Ariat, Justin, Wrangler, Carhartt, and many more. To kick off the application process, read the section below.

How To Apply For A Boot Barn Credit Card Online

To apply for a Comenity Bank Boot Barn CC, do the following:

  • Click the Apply Now button.
  • Choose between signing up for B REWARDED or
  • Sign up for the B REWARDED option.
  • You can choose to sign in to be rewarded. Sign in with your email address and password.
  • If you choose to be rewarded, enter your email, then submit and follow the prompt.
  • After you log in and select Apply, you’ll be able to complete the credit application at

These are steps to apply for a boot barn card online.

The Boot Barn Credit Card Activation

To utilize your credit card, you need to activate it. As soon as you get your new boot barn card, just proceed to activate it. You can dial the Boot Barn CC phone number on your card or visit the boot barn website to activate it online.

How To Activate Your Boot Barn Credit Card Online

To activate your Boot Barn CC, do the following:

  • Tap on the sign-in tab.
  • Login to activate your card online.

However, if you don’t have a Boot Barn Comenity Bank online banking account, read the section below to sign up.

How To Sign Up For The Boot Barn Credit Card

To register for Boot Barn CC online access, do this:

  • Go to the Boot Barn CC website at
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Select the Register button and fill in the following:
  • Account Number for a Credit Card
  • Postal Code or ZIP Code
  • Identification Type
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN)
  • SSN’s Last Four Digits
  • Tap on the Find My Account tab.

These are the procedures to sign up for an online banking account.

Boot Barn Credit Card Login

Sign in to your credit card account today to manage your card online. With the online access login, you can pay your credit card bills, track your transactions, check your balance and much more. So, to get started, you will be providing your username and password. Nevertheless, the section below will guide you through.

How to Access Your Boot Barn CC

Sign in to your credit card using the following steps:

  • Click the sign-in button.
  • Fill in your username.
  • Password Enter button
  • Sign in by tapping the sign-in button.

Follow the prompt to log in to the boot barn card.

Boot Barn Credit Card Payment

There are diverse ways boot barn card bills can be paid. They are as follows

  • Boot Barn pays by phone.
  • Online payment for Boot Barn
  • Pay in-store
  • Pay by mail

The simplest method of payment is online credit card payment.

How To Pay Your Boot Barn CC Bill Online

To make an online boot barn payment, follow these steps;

  • Continue to
  • Tap on the sign-in tab.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Select the pay tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

These are steps to pay your boot barn card bill online.

Boot Barn credit card customer service

If you have any problems accessing your credit card account or if something is unclear, you can call Boot Barn customer service. Either dial the phone number on the card or visit the website to get the phone number.

  • To get the phone number online, do this:

What credit score is needed?

Wondering what the credit card credit score is? The Boot Barn CC is a great credit card if you have fair credit (or above). To apply for the card, you should have at least a 630 credit score.

Can the Boot Barn CC be used anywhere?

the Boot Barn CC is a store card. And store credits can only be used in Boot Barn retail locations. To find the location nearest you, use the online store locator.

What bank is the Boot Barn CC?

The Credit Card is a store card issued by Comenity Bank. Shoppers can use it to shop at retail stores.

Does Boot Barn have an app?

Yes, it does have an app. To make all of its stores more productive, the company has developed an in-store app

Does Boot Barn have a credit card?

Yes, Boot Barn has a credit card issued by Comenity bank.


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