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Do you know of the Facebook video feature? Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world and are you surprised about this? If you are don’t be. The Facebook social media platform is one that can e used for just about anything. This platform is an all-round platform. Do you want to know how this platform is an all-round platform? If you don’t know how it is so, here it is. On the Facebook platform, you can do anything without having to log out of your account. you can buy and sell on the platform. Also, you can play games on the platform. You can send and receive money on this platform. I mean this list just goes on and on.

The Facebook Video

The Facebook Video

Do you know that there is a whole section on the Facebook platform that is made for videos? Like wow, a whole section. This section or feature is known as facebook watch. On the Facebook platform, you can also get access to various videos. I mean this place is a social media platform. this means that it is a pace where people can socialize amongst other things. On this feature on Facebook, you can get access to various forms of videos.

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On this feature, you can also watch movies, stream live sports, shows, and events and so much more. Anything video related on the Facebook platform can be gotten here. If you are a regular user on the Facebook platform, then you should know of the Facebook videos or watch features. the thing here is that anyone with a registered Facebook account, do spend a lot of time on the platform, so I wouldn’t be surprised that everyone knows of this feature.

Facebook Video Downloader

Since you know that you can watch and stream videos on the Facebook platform, can you download these videos? This one of the most frequently asked questions about the platform. The truth about the whole thing is that you can actually download Facebook videos, but the process is kind of complex, but only if you don’t know how to. Downloading Facebook videos is just like downloading youtube videos. On the Facebook platform it is impossible to directly download Facebook videos. But however, you can download Facebook videos using external sources. One of the most prominent platforms out there where you can download Facebook videos is the platform. This platform is very popular among Facebook users. to download Facebook videos using this tool, follow the steps below;

  • Go to on your device.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your account on Facebook.
  • Locate the video you want to download.
  • Copy the video URL and go to the platform.
  • Enter the URL in the box provided and tap or click on the download tab.

That’s how you successfully download Facebook videos using the portal.

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Facebook Watch

The Facebook watch is a Facebook feature. This feature is a place or portal where you can have access to tons of videos on the platform. On this portal you will see the videos of pages and groups you are following on Facebook. This facebook features located at the top of your Facebook account page. To get access to ‘Facebook watch‘ you will need to have a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is easy and free. All you need to have in place is an internet-enabled device, mobile or desktop. Follow the steps below to create a Facebook account successfully;

  • Visit Facebook.
  • Click on the create an account tab.
  • Enter your personal information in the spaces provided.
  • Click on the sign-up tab.

That’s all about creating a Facebook account successfully. Note, you will have to verify your account via your email account number and mobile phone number.

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