Do you have a small business that you plan on establishing on taking to the global market? If you do then this article is a must-read for you.

Take Your Local Business Global With Google Places

It is no surprise how hard it is to market businesses mostly small-scale businesses. And whenever an opportunity presents itself for users to explore on a global scale, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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This is where the Google Places tool comes in. What then is Google Place and how is it important to small businesses? Well, these and many other questions will be answered in the course of this article. If you, therefore, want to get information on how you could expand your small-scale business you need to continue reading.

The Google Places

Google Places is a Google listing tool. This very tool is used in listing local businesses in Google’s search results. Whenever a user is looking for local information and searches online, search results will also be compiled from the Google Place stool in lieu of Google’s own search engine.

The results from this platform appear at the top of Google search results whenever a person is searching for local information. With the Google Places tool, you can take your small business to a global scale and it’s all for free.

How Does Google Places Work

The way this platform works is very simple. Google Places simply works by displaying the location of businesses that have been registered with the Google Places platform. in other words, it means that in order to make use of his platform you will first of all need to register your business with it. When a user then makes a search that is relevant to your business, your business and relevant pieces of information pop up on a small map.

If you want your business to show up on search results via this Google tool, you will have to register your business with it. Registration with this platform is free so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to charges and fees.

In addition to your business location and web address. As a business, you can also include opening times and photos of your business or products. If you have a business that has a large local customer base, this very Google tool will come in very handy.

Why You Should Make Use Of Google Places For Your Business

There are many reasons why you should make use of this Google tool for your business. One very important and popular reason why you should make use of Google Places is that it is free. This Google business tool helps users all over the world discover details over millions of points of interest.

This platform provides real-time location updates and information. To be precise there are over 25 million daily updates on this platform. This platform and tool record a billion active users on a monthly basis. With Google Places, you can easily help your customers plan trips by giving them the local information they need.

And with this, exploring the world isn’t an issue. You don’t need to wonder if the information is shared on this platform. As they always say, knowledge is power, provide your users and googlers with better services with precise location intelligence.

Google Places Features

The features of this tool are numerous and if by now you haven’t gotten the features via the content of this article, here are some of them.

  • Google Places provides comprehensive details about businesses such as names, addresses, ratings, reviews, and contact information.
  • With this tool, you get to identify a place based on real-time signals and information like user location or time of the day. Easily find a place via a phone number, address, or name.
  • This platform makes use of a feature called geocoding. This feature helps convert addresses to geographical coordinates or the reverse.

These are just some of the features of the platform. To get the complete feature of what this platform really offers, you will need to start making use of the platform itself.

How To Get Started With Google Places

In order to get started with this platform, you will first have to register your business with it and this is free. To get started;

  • Go to Google Places.
  • Click on the Get Started tab at the top right corner of the page.
  • Follow the prompt from the next page to successfully list your business on Google Places for free.

And that’s it. Your business will be listed in Google search. Whenever a person then searches for local information relevant to your business and other relevant pieces of information, your business will pop up. Before you get started you will need to have a Google account in place. Therefore if you don’t have one you will need to set up one now.


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