The most Expensive Laptop in the World. Today we talk about the most expensive laptop in the world, Computers have brought humans to exist close to each other over the social networking platform. In the past, most people had to face difficulties in contacting each other and all the methods were very time talking and costly.

The most Expensive Laptop in the World

The most Expensive Laptop in the World

Now day internet and social media as made us reach people who live in far countries. Everybody needs to have full advanced technology and a laptop to fulfil their need no matter expensive it is to them. So we are going to talk more about the most expensive laptop in 2020.

Most Expensive Laptops In 2022

Lenovo Think Pad W540

Lenovo is as popular as the name, is a famous brand for all electronic products. This Lenovo thinks pad comes with a very slim laptop with high is just like a notebook with 15.5 inches and very lightweight as well as 5.45 pounds. It is very comfortable when using it to work. it also comes with the latest windows and processors as well.

DELL Mobile Precision M6800

Dell Mobile is the most powerful laptop which comes with the latest processors and also provides model facilities of 3D as well. Ten finger display for multi-tasking at a time. The security is very strong to control it from viruses as well.

The features are well packaged with 4 USB ports for easy transfer of files and connection and the latest audio players. DELL also offers one edition of this computer called covets which is much latest and available in red colour.

Alien Ware 18

It is the top best laptop in the world for all photo editing and videos. It is made up of dual-processor; it is also called the latest windows which are 8.1 and the corei7 processor which makes it the latest one.

It is called the latest “monster gaming powerhouse” the capacity to play games on it. It comes with powerful speakers as well which are certified by Dolby software which the gamer enjoy the game more.

Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft surface book is the most elegant laptop you will ever see, the design is really amazing and superior and with the best features. 1.6KG  and the battery life is strong last 17 hours the inches of the screen which gives you HD resolution and fine pixels per inch is about  3000×2000 with the touch screen, graphic processing is very considerable as it gives you NVIDIA GTX of  1050 series.

With large memory storage, it gives you a 3.1 USB Socket, an SD card slot is a 3mm audio jack which is not bad in quality and along with the WIFI you have Bluetooth of Version 5.

Tulip E-Go Diamond

The Tulip E-Go Diamond laptop is made with gold plates with some diamonds designed on it to make it more attractive and perfect as well, it also has expensive ruby and logo of the brand. this TULIP E-Go Diamond is specially made for women who love jewellery and fashionable products with her. The look of this laptop was designed by a famous jewellery designer called  Laurent de Beer.

Acer Ferrari 110

This Ferrari laptop is the most beautiful laptop which is black, grey and yellow as well it also has a Ferrari stamp on this laptop to make it more different. it has a very sleek design and the body is made of ultra-light carbon fibre to make it more like Ferrari,  the button in black that makes it look like a car, with a long-lasting battery to work for 12 hours in your offices.

Razer Blade 15 RTX

Is the most expensive gaming laptop ever. Is also the smallest gaming laptop that you can still use for graphic design. With a processor Intel Core i7  that display 13.98 inches operating system windows 10 and the RAM is  16BG Dual –Channel (8GBX2) DDR4 2667MHZ. and the weight is 2.O7kg.

Voodoo Envy 171

This laptop is one of the most world costly laptops which is designed with red all over the body with -voodoo logo on the laptop, with a large capacity of memory space that comes with it 600 GB (  three drives inside) the screen is  17 inches wilder that is large enough for you to use,  the RAM  is 4GB  with a processor core 2 extreme and Twin NVIDIA graphic chipset  GeForce G0 7950.


It is not just a laptop but is the most expensive laptop in the world. And it is also the fastest laptop,  features an Intel core 2-Quad processor and powerful RAM  which provide you with all you need.  Memory – 256 GB SSD and the RAM contain 8GB. The processor –Intel core 2 Quad and graphic –NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTXSLI.


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