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Hurray, finally Facebook has updated its platform to a new and better platform, the new Well just in case you are wondering about the features you use to love about the platform being replaced, you have nothing to worry about. This new change on the platform has been on the works for quite some time now, and while this update is coming as both news and surprise to some users, it isn’t to other users. Do you want to find out about the new and its updates? If you are then you are in the right place.

The New Facebook.Com

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The New Facebook.Com

Do you know that the Facebook web platform has only been designed four times only since its inception? Yes, this is true. And this is the reason why lots of Facebook users all over the globe are super-duper excited about this update. This update will bring a breath of fresh air to the platform. In the past month lots of users on Facebook all over the world were notified about the newly launched Facebook and were all excited to try it out. Although, it is not all users on the Facebook platform that were notified.

Truth be told, this new update on the platform both mobile and desktop is jarring and bold, but it is much needed. Come to think about it. Various features have been introduced to the platform including an all dark mode, bold right? I know. If you have tried out this new feature yet, then you really should as you are missing out on a whole lot.

The New Features – The New Facebook Update

There are lots of changes on this platform, so get ready. I will be starting with the all-white design or should I say a whiter design or look?  Sounds better. The update on the platform came with a cleaner and brighter look throughout the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Another feature to look out for on this new Facebook is the dark mode feature. Just in case you are not a fan of the whiter look, here is something for you. It is no surprise that most platforms are now adopting the dark mode feature. It even became more popular in the previous year. It’s just like every platform out there wanted to jump on the dark mode feature and Facebook is not to be left out even though arriving late at the party.

Other places where changes were made are the newsfeed and groups. this is considered as the biggest change to the new Facebook. Facebook has always been of the notion that family and friends should be at the core of our social lives and this is what this is all about. Know that with the new update on the platform, you will be seeing more posts from groups you will be seeing more on groups on Facebook and other features on the platform you use the most. The icons on the new Facebook page have been rounded and the square corners we are all used to will be no more.

When Will the New Facebook Be Ready

The new Facebook update is already available to users all over the world. On the day of its launch, notifications were sent to users all over the globe about it with an option to switch to it. But it’s not all users on the platform that were notified. If you were not notified about the changes to the platform, you have nothing to worry about. You can still have access to the new Facebook feature. This feature has been available to desktop users since March 2020.

How To Switch To The New Facebook – Classic Facebook

Just as I have mentioned already in this article, when the update was made available a handful of Facebook users got it. But it’s not all Facebook users that got his new update. To switch from the old or classic Facebook to the new Facebook, follow the steps below;

  • Login to your Facebook account on the desktop.
  • Click on the arrow-head icon at the top right corner of your Facebook account page.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on ‘switch to new Facebook’.

Your account will be switched to the new Facebook immediately.

How To Get The New Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook is now letting users try out the new dark mode feature. And to do this is easy. Normally when you switch to the new Facebook, you will be notified of the new features on the platform such as the dark mode feature and from there you can easily switch to the dark mode. But just in case you do not see this notification;

  • Click on the arrow-head icon at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select activate dark mode.

And that’s it! You have just switched or activated the dark mode feature on the new Facebook.

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