What do you understand by the term ‘the new Facebook login’? Does it mean that Facebook has a new login feature and therefore users can’t log in to the platform the usual way? Well, I once was curious as to what this means.

The New Facebook Login

But now I know what it means. If you want to know what ‘meet the new Facebook login’ means, you need to continue reading this article.

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The New Facebook Login

How do you find the registration process in most apps and platforms? Truth be told, the registration process on some platforms can be long and hectic. And sometimes you may even get to forget your login credentials to that platform and this is where this feature comes into play.

You should have noticed that when you want to log in or register for some apps and platforms online, you will be given the option to do this with Facebook, yes? This is what the new Facebook login is all about.

This type of login is different from the normal login feature on Facebook you know about. Normally the Facebook login feature lets users get access to their accounts on the Facebook platform.

Now, this new feature lets users of other platforms have access to your Facebook information such as your Facebook name and Facebook profile picture.

Advantages of Facebook Login

With this feature, there are lots of advantages and benefits. This feature ‘the new Facebook login’ is used by various top apps on both the Android and iOS platforms. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about filling out long forms when you want to register or log in to other external apps and platforms.

With just a few taps, you will be logged in to your favorite apps and platforms on the web. You don’t have to remember or add another username and password to your already long list of usernames and passwords. Just in case you are wondering about the credibility of this feature, you don’t have to.

Facebook reviews various apps to ensure they meet up with various criteria before they can start making use of it.

Facebook Login for Developer

If you are an app developer, then you really need to have a Facebook login to your platform and app. This feature is a very fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log into your app across multiple platforms. This feature is available for Android, iOS, desktop, and web apps.

It is also available for smart TVs and other internet-enabled devices. As a developer, this feature is available to you in two scenarios such as permissions to access people’s data and authentication. You can choose to use it for authentication processes or both.

Developers who have made use of the Facebook login feature on their apps have been wowed by the success rate. There have been higher levels of engagement in apps that have the Facebook login feature.

A platform that has made use of this feature has experienced a 65% higher engagement from users. Shares on the platform increased three times more and also 15 times as many visitors came from Facebook.

Facebook Account Sign-Up

As a user, not a developer, before you can make use of this feature on other apps and platforms you will need to have a Facebook account or be a registered Facebook user. If you don’t have a Facebook account you cannot make use of this feature, as this feature makes use of your Facebook account details.

Such as your Facebook name and your profile picture. You will need to create your own Facebook account now. Doing this is free and easy. To create a Facebook account you will need to have an internet-enabled device in place. To create your own account on the platform, follow the steps below;

  • Go to facebook.com.
  • Click on the Create an Account tab below the login field on the Facebook web page.
  • Enter your details in the registration form on the next page.

That’s it! Your Facebook account will now be ready. You may be required to verify your Facebook account for authentication reasons. Also, you can create your Facebook account via the Facebook mobile app. You can download the Facebook mobile app from your device’s app store.


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