The Osprey and Nest. Osprey is a great fisher and indeed eats little. They are scientifically called Pandion haliaetus and they are Carnivore diet. Their average life span in the wild is 30 years and their body size is about 21 to 23 inches.

How to Find Osprey Nest


The nest, called an eyrie, is generally built on top of a large tree, usually a conifer, but deciduous trees are also used. The bird is believed to be largely minded, and strongly faithful both to nest and mate.

The nest of Osprey is very high. The bird happily builds large sticks and sod nests on televisions poles, channel markers, and other such locations.

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The Osprey and Nest

Currently, Osprey only faces another obstacle. They generally build their nests in tall, isolated trees that are close to shallow water. The bird creates their nests on the top of power poles, dead trees, on man-made nesting platforms, and sometimes they build them on buoys, chimneys, or other structures.

The nests are often used for a year, after years they can become up to 10 Feet High as more nesting materials are added each breeding season. Ospreys often reuse old nests; they always add new material to them each season.

Osprey Nesting Season

The osprey mostly lay eggs in the period of April or May. The female nurtures them for about a month, while the fiercely protects the nest with her mate. During the incubation, the male osprey defends the nest and does the hunting, and burning food to the nest for the female.

The chicken learns to fly in two months. They stay in the nest for another two months, receiving protection from their parents and food, and also learning how to fish.

How to Find Osprey Nest | Osprey Nest Near Me

The Osprey Nests are not easy to find. But you can easily find them on top of large trees most especially in a dead or broken top tree not far from water. You can also find them on utility poles, duck blinds, poles put up for them, and other structures.

Osprey Nesting Habits

If Osprey fails to breed successfully, they immediately start to build new nests known as frustration eyrie, which they may use for nesting for the upcoming year. The bird is said to be one-minded, the nest called an Eyrie, is commonly built on the top of a large tree. It is usually a coniferous tree, but deciduous trees are also used.

In most parts of their range, the bird may nest on cliff ledges, coastal rocks, buoys, and electricity pylons. The nest is widely made of branches and twigs, moss, bark, and grass. It takes a bird 14-21 days to complete a new nest. As more material is added in later years, the nest can grow to a depth of 150-120 cm.

Osprey Nests on Cell Towers

Mostly, Osprey nests cause problems to owners of towers, like water towers, and transmission line towers. The reason is that you have to wait for months for the young to fledge out and leave the nest site.

The truth is, it is not osprey that has the habit of nesting in the towers, large birds like eagles, and hawks are included. They are increasingly using communications towers for nest sites so climbing crews should become familiar with bird behaviour to ensure personal safety.

 Artificial Osprey Nests

The artificial osprey nest can be shaped in three ways first is a nest built in prominent trees to resemble nature nests, on poles specially constructed for ospreys, and on pylons, towers, and other man-made structures.

Before you build an osprey nest, you have to consider:

Site location

You have to find the best tree while building the nest may only take three hours. Take plenty of time to find the best site, and try to think like an osprey.

In many areas most trees are not suitable for ospreys for nesting, they prefer tall trees which have been damaged and have been damaged and have broken tops caused by storms, heavy snow, or light strikes. These bring a secure base for their nests.

Constructing the Nest

Three people are needed to build a new nest. You need to use an extending ladder, climbing ropes, nylon slings, etc. to construct the nest one person needs to climb the tree and secure himself. Then he will draw close to the pole and arrange a branch and run along the climbing rope to the ground.

After that, they will put the nest that was made in it and carry it up to the pole or trees.


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