Three of Africa’s Digitization Innovators to Buy and Hold! It’s time for Africans to awaken and embrace the digitization of its economy. Africa is the second-largest continent and also the second most populous continent in the world today. It has a huge opportunity for it to digitize its economy if only its potentials can be well utilized.

Three of Africa’s Digitization Innovators to Buy and Hold

It is a known fact that the Africa market seems badly underpenetrated compared to the other markets emerging every day, so there’s a need for Africans to create an opportunity for the upcoming generation. Connectivity is the way forward for social-economic development. The time for digital penetration in Africa has come, the problem is that Africans have not developed enough software, tools, and applications to bring fort the economic dividends needed.

Three of Africa’s Digitization Innovators to Buy and Hold

In our today’s world video gaming, telemedicine, and digitization have overtaken and replaced social activities, such as travel and other activities out of the home. The earlier Africans realize that its future is innovation rather than industrialization, the better for them. Although, there are measures to a stronger and better economic future. We’ve observed and confirmed a lot of transforming changes taking place across emerging markets, across continents such as South America and Asia. Africa is part of this as it has begun to take favorable steps that will be beneficial to Africans. According to Meoli Kashorda, director of the Kenya Education Network “networks have brought an end to the isolation of African scientists and researchers. Cos you now access information from the more developed countries and its beginning to change the way people are thinking”.

Lists of Some of the Digitized Companies in Africa

Below are some of Africa growing digital companies;

  • HIS Towers; according to Wikiwand, is the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East by tower count and rated as the third-largest independent multinational tower company globally. It was founded in the year 2001, by Sam Darwish, in Lagos, Nigeria. The IHS is specialized in building towers and managing sites for mobile network operators. Today it is one of the fastest in the world and maintains operations in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and Zambia, and some other countries. Following its recent acquisition of Etisalat and MTN in Nigeria they are just aiming to be the world’s best.
  • Safaricom PLC; according to Wikipedia Safaricom is a Kenyan mobile network operator, with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is one of the profits generating companies in the East and Central Africa region and the largest telecommunications provider in the whole of Kenya. It came to an establishment in the year 1997. The company provides mobile money transfer, mobile telephony, fiber optic services, cloud computing, consumer electronics, music streaming, data, and eCommerce. According to the Forbes global 200 lists of best employers, Safaricom is Africa’s best, and 67th in the world.


  • Helios Towers Africa has operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It came to an establishment in 2004. It has massive growth of subscribers with over 500 million subscribers today and it’s still growing. The company uses about nine technology products and services some of which are jQuery, HTML5, Google Analytics.

Finally, Africans are ready for the digital revolution. Africans have been able to reach a penetration that has been able to break 15 percent of the posed barrier. Although Africa has not gotten to the peak of their goals unlike before there’s an attempt and with time, we will definitely get there. All we need do is to keep pushing and the innovation will come.

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