Do you know what Tinder gold free is? One with the knowledge of tinder gold would still go on and ask the question most users have asked, is tinder gold worth it? One of the aspects of the internet that has always seen high returns is the online dating aspect. Businesses may come and go, but dating you see is something that has come to stay.

Tinder Gold Free

Dating has been right from the beginning of time and it’s not something that will go anytime soon. One very important effect of the internet is online dating. Online dating platforms like tinder has really given some persons the courage to actually say what’s on their mind.


Tinder Gold Free

Online dating platforms like tinder have been very effective when it comes to the dating world. These platforms are one of the most used in the world today. I mean, love is a beautiful thing and at that, no one should be deprived of the opportunity to experience it. And this is where platforms like tinder come in.

In this article, however, I will focus more on tinder gold, a subscription feature of tinder. For the benefit of those persons who really don’t know what tinder is or what tinder gold is, I will be doing a short review on both terms.

Tinder is an online dating platform. On this dating platform, users get to swipe right for persons they are interested in and swipe left for profiles they are not interested in. Tinder gold on the other hand is a paid subscription service of tinder.

Tinder is a free online dating social media platform. But in order for users to get access to some of its features, they will have to pay a fee or subscribe to a service package. There are three types of subscription services on the tinder platform and in this article, I will be writing about one. For the benefit of knowledge here are the three subscription plans of tinder;

  • Tinder plus.
  • Tinder Gold.
  • And tinder premium.

Tinder gold gives users a first-class swiping experience. With this tinder plan, you will not be limited to the features of the free tinder account. As a member of the tinder gold plan, you get to enjoy and access exclusive features on the dating app which includes unlimited likes, passport rewind, five super likes daily, one monthly boost, and many more other profile control features.

How To Subscribe To Tinder Gold

Subscription to this feature is easy but not free. Remember, this feature on Twitter is not free. You will have to subscribe to the feature in order to make use of it and that will cost you. To subscribe;

  • Open the tinder app.
  • Tap your profile icon and select Settings.
  • Select ‘get tinder gold’ on the next page.

That’s it. You have just successfully subscribed to tinder gold.

How To Get Tinder Gold For Free

Is there any way to get tinder gold for free? Normally tinder offers a free account but the features of such accounts are limited. In order to get the full benefits of the tinder platform, you will have to choose a plan like gold and subscribe to it.

One of the interesting paid features on tinder is the one that allows you to go through a list of people who actually find you really attractive to have swiped right. This is called the liked list.

The free version of tinder blurs out the images on this list so you may not recognize them or react to them. With this, you are left with two options, subscribe to unblur these images and react with these persons or change your dating app.

What if I tell you that there is a way to actually unblur these images with a simple browser trick? Well, yes there is a way to do this and I will be directing and guiding you on how to do this. All you need to do to unblur these images follow the steps below;

  • Login to your tinder account on your desktop device using the Chrome web browser.
  • On you have logged in to your account you will see your matches on the left column or sidebar.
  • Click on the blurred icon letting you know how many people liked you.
  • A page or screen full of blurred images of people who have swiped right to your profile may pop up if you are lucky.
  • If this is the case, right-click on any of the images and select the inspect option.
  • A developer tool will appear with a submodule of the tool showing you the elements and the styles.
  • In the styles box, scroll down looking for the filter section. You will find something like this, ‘filter: blur (12px). Click on it and change the ’12 px’ to ‘1 px’.

That’s it. You can now close the developer tool and see the first ten images without the blur.


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