Tinder has officially launched its Lite version. Users in Vietnam can now download Tinder Lite for their android phones. Tinder Lite is the smallest, fastest, and most cost-effective Tinder experience you could ever have or experience. Even with these impressive changes under the hood, Tinder Lite is actually since the Tinder you’ve grown to love using. Using the Lite version, you can discover new people around you, Like or Nope profiles, and chat with the matches who like you back.

Tinder LiteTinder Lite


One good about this tool is that you will only need one account to use both Tinder and Tinder Lite apps. You just have to choose the experience you prefer based on their network conditions. Sounds amazing, yeah? Now that’s not all, to find out more about Tinder Lite, read on.

Tinder Lite is a lightweight version of the Tinder app that you can use from anywhere and everywhere. The Lite version for Android is a Tinder version designed to work in areas with limited data and lower-cost phones. Although, it still has the familiar swipe-based matching, chats, super likes and also paid features. For the most part Tinder Lite is a leaner version of the original Tinder app that is designed to perform better in any location no matter the phone or connection type.

Though the Lite app is a great one to actually use and most beneficial to those with smaller devices or areas with limited internet connections. But there’s a restriction, which is you can’t upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold using the app. In order words, Tinder Lite Just like every other Lite branded apps from other companies, may remove some of the heavier features on the regular app. But actually, there isn’t really a bad thing because you can still swipe and match with others.


Tinder is actually one of the best dating applications you can download on Android and iOS. The success of the dating app is based precisely on how it works as it’s based on flicking through images and swiping right and left to find love. If you both like each other, then it’s a “Match”.

Tinder is known as the world’s hottest dating app, but the company likes being referred to as “Your Wingmate”. There are billions of users on the app or platform, you are likely to find your true love no matter the location you are. Tinder is used worldwide and can be accessed using the app or website. It is simple, fast, and free. Creating an account on the platform is simple too and you don’t need to pay to like or match with people. But there’s an upgrade service (Tinder Gold and Tinder Premium).

Feature of Tinder

In the world, there are plenty of dating apps, but only Tinder actually becomes really successful. The reason is that Tinder is free and simple, and that makes it possible to attract different people around the globe. Aside from that, there are some other incredible features, they include;

  • Facebook and Number Login.
  • User Profile that allows users to view details of potential matches.
  • It uses Geolocation.
  • Tinder search functionality is based on filters.
  • Swipe to Like or Nope.
  • Match and Chat.
  • You get push notifications.
  • Super Like.
  • There’s a boost button.
  • You can actually rewind a previous swipe, available for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.
  • It offers you a passport to swipe around the world.
  • Unlimited right swipes or likes.
  • Tinder doesn’t show Ad pop-ups.
  • You can hide your age.
  • As a user, you have the right to control those you want to see.
  • Also, control those who see you.
  • View them like those that like you.

Above are some of the features of Tinder, and there’s only one way to find out which is by using the platform.

Tinder Lite App Download

Tinder Lite app is free, fast, and quick to download and use, and also ideal for making connections on the go. Here’s a glimpse of what you can do on the app;

  • Connect with new people
  • Check out their profiles
  • If you like what you see on a person’s profile, just Swipe Right.
  • Chat with your matches without pay.

There’s more to do with the app, that can only be seen once you download the app on your device. Tinder Lite app is simple and compatible with Android devices only, so to download, just go to the Google Play Store on your device and enter Tinder Lite. Then start downloading and installing the app from there.

How Does Tinder Lite Work

Tinder Lite works pretty simply and fast, just the regular one but actually faster. On the app, all you have to do is to Match, chat, and date. Use the Swipe right feature to Like someone, and use the Left feature to pass. If a user likes you back, then it’s a match.


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