Have you heard of Todoist? if you have then here are ‘Todoist alternative 2023’. Todoist stands out among the hundreds of productivity apps and task management tools. It is actually one of the best to-do list apps to use. And it is being used by millions of individuals. Aside from that, there’s no crime in searching and trying out new to-do list apps.

And Todoist has some great alternatives you can use, which is the major reason for writing and sharing this post. Todoist is a great productivity app that helps you manage the way you handle tasks. It is very productive, but there are areas that the tool can be uneasy to use or work with. To find the alternative, read on to find out Todoist Alternative 2023.

Todoist Alternative 2023

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Todoist Alternative 2023

Todoist is nice, great, and powerful to use to manage your tasks. But of course, it can’t be perfect and that’s why there are alternatives you can try out in 2023. Todoist is great but there are some prominent areas that Todoist misses out on. These include;

  • There is no Issue management.
  • No-Risk management.
  • Todoist doesn’t have meeting management.
  • There is no time tracking on Todoist.

The above are some of the faults that are found on Todoist, which is not exactly bad, but that’s not the reason for this post. So let’s head to the Todoist Alternative 2023.

5 Best Todoist Alternatives To Use 2023

Here are the alternatives of Todoist to try out in 2021;

  • nTask.
  • Tick Tick.
  • Redbooth.
  • Teamwork Projects.
  • Trello.
  • Zoho Projects.
  • Asana.

nTask – Todoist Alternative 2023

nTask is the first on my list today because, among most of the others, it actually holds a significant number of features that go behind the ones you are used to. It is an all in one software that caters to task management, timesheet management, to risk and issue analysis. The work environment is super simple and you have almost everything you need from a central dashboard. And that makes it of the best alternatives to Todoist. Here are some features of nTask;

  • Tasking management for creating, assigning, prioritizing, sharing, and other tasks.
  • It provides project management.
  • There are flexible comments and multiple team-specific workspaces.
  • It allows third party access.
  • Mobile apps for android and iOS.

There are more.

Tick Tick

Tick Tick is one of the top best alternatives for Todoist to try out in 2023. It helps to keep your game on point with plenty of powerful options. It has an intelligent task creation using Siri on your iOS. Also, Tick Tick helps to create a task instantly with a specified keyboard key. This task management tool is accessible from anywhere and has backup options to help your data be secured and consistent.

Here are some key features of Tick Tick;

  • It helps to manage your task better.
  • With Tick Tick, you can convert emails to tasks.
  • There’s a powerful calendar view
  • Apps for iOS and Android.

There is more you can do with this tool or app, all you have to do is download it and give it a try.

Redbooth – Todoist Alternative 2023

Redbooth is a colourful and sleek app that contains a set of features that makes your work more efficient and fun to do. It has very affordable pricing options that you can choose from. Gantt charts and reports, it monitors projects and their progress visually. It allows screen sharing and video conferencing. That means you can easily communicate with your teams to communicate better and work efficiently. Trust me, when I say you will never regret using Redbooth. Here are some key features to look out for;

  • Conference and video calls.
  • It allows sharing screen sharing which makes it better to communicate and share presentations.
  • Apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Redbooth allows for team collaboration.

There are far too many things you do with Redbooth, so what are you still waiting for before giving it a try.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork projects come with a wide list of awesome and smart features to help organize your workflow and manage all team members in one place. It has an easy to use Kanban user interface with plenty of options for customizing workflow. There are templates and themes of fancy colours that you can choose from. Some Key features of Teamwork Projects;

  • It offers time tracking.
  • Teamwork offers a powerful search feature.
  • It helps to manage your idea and budget for you.
  • Choose from the colour templates and themes on the platform to make your workspace more fun and interesting for you.

Teamwork Projects offers more than just the ones that are mentioned above.

Trello – Todoist Alternative 2023

Trello is a name that pops up when project managers are searching for task management tools or apps. It is actually one of the most powerful alternatives for Todoist. The interface is very nice and easy to navigate around. Trello uses Kanban boards for project monitoring. Use Trello to ensure smooth task management through the key features. Below are some of the key features of Trello;

  • There are plenty of powerups for optimizing your workflow and that of your team.
  • Trello has an easy drag and drops functionality.
  • It helps to manage your tasks.
  • The tool makes use of Cards to identify tasks individually.
  • It has a simple and easy to use interface for users.
  • The service offers real-time team collaboration features.

There is so much more that is offered on Trello, and the only way you can find is by using the tool. It can be used on the web or by downloading the app on your device.


Is TickTick better than Todoist?

It is simple to add profiles, add tasks, and view tasks on the TickTick user interface. I find Todoist’s user interface, which features projects, profiles, and tasks, to be a little challenging. Although I am aware of its strength, it feels bloated and anything but simple. It still depends on your own preference even with this Tick Tick; nonetheless, it is not noticeably better.

Which is better Todoist or trello?

Trello is your best choice if you’re looking to manage intricate collaborative projects or combine your project management solution with other business applications. Todoist is a better choice if you’re seeking for a personal task management solution or organizing straightforward group projects. So, you are free to choose whichever you choose.


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