Top 10 Best NFT Token Development Companies in 2024. In this article, you will learn about some popular NFT Token Development companies along with other necessary details like services.

Top 10 Best NFT Token Development Companies

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Tokens. It is the unique and rare blockchain-based tokens that come with outstanding identifiers and cannot be traded for similar ones. It involves a complicated development process.

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Top 10 Best NFT Token Development Companies

Furthermore, NFT development involves part-web 3 technologies, such as blockchain, smart contracts, cryptography, and sometimes AI and IoT.

The Top 10 NFT Token Development Companies

Popularly known and most useful NFT Token Development Services list:

  • ScienceSoft (Recommended)
  • Zfort Group
  • Blockchain App Factory
  • Brugu
  • AppDupe
  • Content Infosolutions
  • Chaincella
  • TurnkeyTown
  • LeewayHertz

These are the best.

  • ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft set up decentralized marketplaces for fixed-price or action-based NFT selling. The company works with the most trending NFT use cases, such as art, gaming, metaverse, ticketing, sports collectibles, and music. The company creates NFT marketplace apps and writes smart contracts that interact via the Web3 API.

However, to enable intermediary-free transactions and decentralized data storage, the team integrated the app with digital wallets, public blockchains, key-value databases, and cloud data storage. Moreover, if integration with third-party systems and services is required, they use oracles to transfer real-world data through smart contracts.

Here are the blockchain solutions the company creates:

  • Blockchain-based decentralized marketplaces for NFTs, physical and digital goods
  • Private blockchain networks
  • Decentralized Apps (dApps)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Asset Tokenization Platforms

INORU is an NFT development organization that also deals in the development of crypto products and apps, on-demand apps, and games. In NFT development, they develop custom NFT metaverses and NFT game clones, among other products.

The NFT Development Services include NFT exchange platforms; NFT tokens; NFT smart contracts for art, architecture, games, music, sports, fashion, real estate, collectibles, and many others; and NFT minting platforms.

The company also specializes in NFT marketplaces, NFT art tokenization, Discord marketing services, NFT collectibles marketing, NFT PR, and NFT listings.

  • Zfort Group

Zfort Group companies deal in NFT but also general crypto and blockchain development. They can not only create custom products but also rebuild and maintain custom software. The company has expertise in developing NFTs on Ethereum ERC-721, 998, 875, 1155, and other standards. Furthermore, with blockchain development, they can handle Proof of Concept and Proof of Work blockchain projects.

NFT Services are: NFT marketplace cloning – which includes NBA Top Shot and others, CryptoKitties, OpenSea, and CryptoPunks; customize NFT marketplaces from scratch, NFT exchanges, and NFT tokens.

The company creates NFTs for music, video, art, sports, fantasy sports, etc.

  • Blockchain App Factory

The NFT development company helps set up NFT marketplaces, and multiverse platforms that can facilitate the conversion of NFT assets into real-world assets, play-to-earn NFT games, and custom NFTs.

The NFT services include NFT white-label marketplaces, exchanges, wallets, tokens, studios, NFT platform clones, and general NFT platforms based on Ethereum, Binance Chain, Matic, Flow, Solana, and other blockchains. Other services are Discord Marketing, Gaming, Telegram Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

  • Brugu

Brugu is a development company that deals in NFT but also in the metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web 3 developments. They make use of 10+ blockchain technology stacks, including Ethereum, Stellar, and Tezos, to develop blockchain solutions. They also offer the following services web development, mobile app development, quality assurance, and testing, big data and analytics, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are also part of the services.

The NFT services they offer are as follows: NFT tokens; NFT for gaming, video content, sports, fashion, music, and real estate; decentralized NFT based on ERC-721, 998, BEP-20, Goods, FA2, and 1155; NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, super rare, and others

  • AppDupe

In addition to NFT development, AppDupe enables customization to tokenize your digital collectibles and turn them into global currencies. Not only that, they integrate NFTs, smart contracts, games, blockchain, and other technologies into businesses as required.

The NFT services they offer include crypto-collectibles, identity management platforms, peer-to-peer NFT exchanges, NFT exchange platforms, and NFT lending platforms. Others are NFT for games, arts, fantasy sports, real estate, music, infrastructure development, etc. The company also deals in NFT gaming, metaverses, NFT social tokens, fractionalized NFT, IPO development, NFT tokens, and more.

  • Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant offers NFT token development services in addition to mobile apps, web apps, and solutions based on emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud, and wearables. The company also deals in eCommerce, CMS development, and the JS framework, as well as software consulting, maintenance, support, and open-source development.

The NFT services they offer are as follows: NFT marketplaces, NFT tokens, NFT lending platforms, NFT exchange platforms, NFT assets, NFT platforms based on ERC, and other protocols.

  • Chaincella

Chaincella is an exclusive provider of NFT development and marketing services. They offer these services across multiple industries, including gaming, art, sports, music, memes, and real estate. The company has a white-label NFT marketplace solution that helps them provide detailed but customized NFT platforms to businesses.

The NFT services they offer are NFT token development, NFT games, gaming platforms, etc. Others include community management, Telegram marketing, press releases, influencer marketing, email marketing, video marketing, NFT tokens, NFT marketing services, NFT social media marketing, reputation management, etc.

  • TurnkeyTown

TurnkeyTown offers the development of crypto, blockchain, and NFT platforms, tokens, and ecosystems. The company helps customers to launch these products within an ecosystem of contemporary trends. However, this can be utilized by companies, businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals, including musicians, groups, artists, and more.

Furthermore, the company’s white-label NFT art marketplace comes with features such as a store interface, search and filtering options, art listings, community sharing, decentralized transactions, and wallet integration.

The list of NFT services they offer includes NFT marketplaces, NFT tokens, NFT games and gaming platforms (Arcade, adventure, action, board, casino, PvP, card games, and racing games), NFT arts, crypto-collectibles, NFT platforms for music, and NFT art platforms.

  • LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a software development service that crafts NFT marketplaces plus other NFT products, in addition to IoT platforms, metaverse solutions, and artificial intelligence platforms and apps (like smart face detection, social distance alert systems, and contactless attendance solutions). Its blockchain solutions are built on the Stellar, Ethereum, Solana, and XDC Network blockchains.

List of NFT Services they offer NFT marketplaces, NFT storage solutions, decentralized cloud storage, NFT gaming marketplaces, metaverses, and web 3 platforms. The company also offers Oracle implementation solutions, IoT development, SaaS development, software consulting, UI/UX design services, web application development, digital transformation, AI, and blockchain consulting.

Which is the best NFT development company?

In the time of blockchain, Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the best NFT development companies, excelling in helping customers around the world. The company aims to offer the best services, ensuring that they meet all business needs.

Which token is best for NFT?

The best NFT Tokens 2022 are as follow

1) Decentraland.

2) Sandbox.

3) Axie Infinity.

4) Tezos.

5) Theta Network.

Where can I find NFT developers?

Toptal is a marketplace Where you can find top NFT developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. However, top companies and start-ups choose Toptal NFT freelancers for their mission-critical software projects.

Who is an NFT developer?

The NFT developer is a certified and trained professional in the field of non-fungible tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, blockchain, web 3, crypto-economics, and the development of these ecosystems. The professional makes use of their knowledge to build custom or clone platforms for customers.

How much does it cost to develop NFT?

NFT development services cost between $100,000 and $1,000,000 to develop an NFT product from scratch, from MVP to completion and installation, depending on the nature and features to be included in the said product. However, development costs also depend on the duration and the NFT development tools and expertise to be employed. Companies can reduce NFT development costs by hiring offshore instead of in-house NFT developers.

What are the biggest NFT projects?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an iconic simian NFT. It remains the top NFT project ranked by cultural prominence and market cap. An increasing list of celebrities owns Bored Apes, with a current floor price of 77 ETH and a market cap of 810,000 ETH.


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