Who wants to explore and discover the Top 7 Online Groceries Stores for Africa? Of course, everyone wants to! Currently, most people would love to order groceries online than go out of their homes. And with the happenings lately, it has become the safest way to get your stuff.

Top 7 Online Groceries Stores for Africa

Well, whatever your reasons may be, there are so many online services that can help you out. To make things easier for you, we have brought to you the Top 7 Online Groceries Stores for Africa! Each of the online stores you will find in this article are just nice places to get your groceries. Let’s move on, as you get to know more.


Best Online Grocery Shopping

In this part of our article, you will get to find out the Top 7 Online Groceries Stores for Africa. Let’s check out the list.


This is one of the Top 7 Online Groceries Stores for Africa! Here, you get to find and purchase nice groceries that you can ever need. For all those who crave real-time Africa food but do not know where to find them, visit this African marketplace right away. Here, you get African food, ethnic food, Caribbean food, and more all in one place.

To place your order for nice groceries from Afrizar, all you have to do is visit its official website on https://www.afrizar.com/.

African Grocery Online (AGO)

This is an online grocery retail brand working to deliver the needs of its customers. AGO works to connect millions of customers with distributors on its platform. To place orders for your favourite grocery items, you simply have to visit its website on https://africamarketmn.com/.


ROYACSHOP was designed for Africans and Caribbean’s who like to buy their favourite groceries and food items. It provides an amazing shopping experience that you would certainly love. They ship to different areas of the world. So, if you are set to get hold of some real-time African food, visit their official website on https://www.royacshop.com/.

Wazobia Market

The Wazobia African Market is here to provide you with a good taste of home food; not just that! They also work to make sure these products get to you conveniently. In simple and easy steps, you can place an order for groceries. All you have to do is get on your web browser and visit http://wazobia.market/.

Gold Coast Supermarket

Gold Coast Supermarket is a proud family business that possesses a vast selection of Caribbean and West African food. They’ve got a selection of fresh food products that you would just love. They are available through their online marketplace on https://www.goldcoastsupermarket.com/.


Jale’s mission is to make African, Nigerian, and Liberian food accessible wherever you are and whenever you want. This grocery brand is absolutely convenient and you can start shopping right away!

Are you living in an area where an African Store is hundreds of miles away? Jale is absolutely here just for you. To start buying, visit https://www.jalellc.com/.


Do you know that Amazon also has a specific section for African Groceries? Of course! They have got just what you need. Visit this section from the Amazon marketplace on https://www.amazon.com/African-Food-Grocery/s?k=African+Food+Grocery. This link will quickly direct you to the section where you get African Groceries to purchase.


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