In this article, we will go over the top healthy pads for ladies in great detail. When it’s that time of the month, the last thing we want is to be caught empty-handed. But sometimes tampons are out of the question!

Top Healthy Pads for Ladies
Top Healthy Pads for Ladies

So when you’re stocking up on your menstrual needs, consider adding these natural and organic pads to your inventory. They’re designed with only sustainable materials, like organic cotton and natural wood pulp, so they’re as natural as your period is.

Top Healthy Pads for Ladies

Most people’s first experience with menstrual products usually involves pads. They’re easy to use and less intimidating than tampons and menstrual cups. There’s a wide variety of pads to choose from — thin, thick, with wings, without wings, scented, unscented, and more.

With an overflowing selection, the choices can become overwhelming. All pads share the same purpose, but there can be a lot of differences between two similar-looking products. Here’s a list of some of the top healthy pads for ladies.

Kotex Security Maxi Overnight Pads

Get nighttime protection, however, you move, with U by Kotex Security Maxi Overnight Pads. With 50% more coverage, they absorb liquid in seconds for up to 100% leak-free protection. Dermatologist-tested, these breathable overnight pads are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Overnight pads are made with superior technology designed to give you leakage protection all night. They also have a breathable design that helps prevent odour and irritation.

Always Radiant Infinity Pads – Sensitive Sanitary Pads

Always Radiant products offer the great protection of Always Infinity and are designed with the same length, wing style, and core material. The difference is that Always Radiant Infinity has a scent added, while Always Radiant Thing does not. Infinity and Always Infinity products are unscented.

Always Radiant pads have a unique FlexFoam core that conforms to the body, providing maximum comfort and protection. They also have a sleek, colourful design that adds a bit of fun to the otherwise unpleasant experience of menstruation.

Stay free on Ultra-thin Overnight Pads.

New Stayfree Ultra-Thin Overnight Pads with Wings lock in fluid fast for exceptional dryness and comfort for up to 10 hours and give you worry-free leak protection while you sleep. It provides you with extra-wide coverage and protects you from overnight leaks. Ultra-Thin pads are 40% thinner than our regular pads and offer all the protection from bladder leakage you need and deserve. They come in multiple absorbencies and lengths to keep you discreetly protected from unexpected surges for up to 100% clean, dry, and fresh protection.

Organic Cotton Pads

Unlike pads comprised of manmade fibres, cotton organic pads allow the skin to breathe while keeping you dry thanks to an absorbent cellulose core. This softer material also reduces the risk of allergies and skin irritation that can result from the plastic content of standard pads.

When you use organic cotton pads, there is no plastic against your skin. They are often wrapped and packaged in eco-friendly alternative materials such as biofilm, paper, and cardboard. Using organic cotton pads helps you significantly reduce the amount of plastic you send to landfills during your period.

Tampax Pearl Ultra-Thin Pads

Tampax Pearl Ultra Absorbency provides the protection you can feel good about. These pads have a unique Leak Guard Braid that helps prevent leaks, even on heavy flow days. They also have a breathable design that helps prevent odour and irritation.


Natracare has been pioneering safer menstrual and maternity products since the 1980s. The company was created as a campaign to shake up the menstrual products industry and finally provide viable, eco-friendly alternatives for periods. Natracare developed their range of Natracare natural pads and certified organic 100% cotton tampons to offer people a quality, natural choice that is also affordable in their choice of menstrual products.

Things you should consider when shopping for a Period Pad

All pads share the same purpose, but there can be a lot of differences between two similar-looking products. Here’s what to pay close attention to when making your selection:

  • Know your periods

Understanding your body and periods is the first step towards choosing the right pads for your menstrual cycle. Your flow is not exactly the same throughout your period. Therefore, you have to keep track of the changes in your body and menstrual cycle in order to choose a sanitary pad. It is also important to know how many pads you actually need for one cycle.

  • Length and Flow

Well, you can’t be wrong about this. You have to buy a sanitary pad according to your flow. The first time you get your period, you might want to try a regular-sized napkin, but if the regular size seems to be filling up too quickly, then try a longer-sized pad. It totally depends on your body shape and flow whether you need an extra-long pad with a broad hip guard or a regular one.

  • Good Absorbency

The sanitary pad’s absorption capacity lets you decide if you need an extra absorbent pad or just a regular pad. The major function of the pad is to absorb the blood flow without any backflow or leakage. Some women use two different types of sanitary pads with different absorbencies— one that can take care of their heavy days and a lighter absorbency napkin for lighter days.

  • Variety

Thankfully, just like your clothes and lingerie, there are many products available to help make your period easier to deal with. A lot of options are available based on your usage and preferences. Whether you want a really short and slim sanitary pad or a thickly layered one, Or if you want an extra-large size or a regular size, with wings, without wings, and much more,

  • Lifestyle

Sometimes wearing a pad depends not only on the flow and body type but also on the activities you do. You must wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities or activities that happen to fall on the days of your period. For example, use winged slim pads if you have a gym class or an extra absorbent pad if you have a lot of workload or any physical work at home.


What happens if I don’t change my pad all day?

Trapped moisture provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and wearing a pad for too long can lead to an infection, including a yeast infection. A damp pad and friction can also cause irritation or the dreaded pad rash and make you more susceptible to infection.

What pads do not have chemicals?
  • Sustain period underwear.
  • Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Pantyliners
  • Seventh Generation Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings
  • Lena Menstrual Cup
  • Cora Menstrual Cup
  • Cora Menstrual Cup and Disc Cleanse
  • Natracare Ultra Pads Super with Wings
Are cotton pads better for your period?

Fragrances and other chemicals in standard pads and tampons can also cause irritation and hormone disruption. No thanks! Unlike pads comprised of manmade fibres, cotton organic pads allow the skin to breathe while keeping you dry thanks to an absorbent cellulose core.

What are organic pads?

Organic pads, if you’re not aware, are sanitary pads that are made with 100% natural products like hemp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, or cotton, unlike regular pads that contain plastic, other polymers, and toxic chemical additives. Organic pads are better than regular pads.

Are menstrual cups safer than pads?

Menstrual cups have been found to be safe and less likely to cause leakages than sanitary napkins and tampons. Ladies, read here to know why you should switch to them instantly!


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