Well, this post is for those who are searching for the Top MP3 download Sites in Nigeria. With regards to the Music Industry in Africa, Nigeria actually has a large portion of entertainers, lyricists, and of course vocalists.

What I am trying to say is that no matter the class of music you want, you can discover it on Nigerian sites. There are lots of sites from which you can make your MP3 downloads and in this post, I will be listing out the top.

Top MP3 Download Sites In Nigeria

Top MP3 Download Sites In Nigeria

Actually, the best of the sites to make your MP3 downloads for free. These sites do not require you to have an account or having to pay for it. All you have to do is to visit the site and search for the song you wish to download simply. As I said, I will be listing out the top best site for MP3 Downloads.

Nigerian Songs Download Websites

Nigeria as a country has millions of music lovers, well actually I am one of them. And stay updated with the latest tracks from your favorites is a thing of joy. Yes, it is and Nigeria has sites where you can make downloads of both international and national songs or MP3 for free. Now with that said, here’s my list of the Top MP3 Download Sites in Nigeria;

  • Naijaloaded.com.ng
  • Tooxclusive.com
  • Notjuskok.com
  • MP3bullet.ng
  • 9jaflaver.com
  • Naijapals.com
  • Naijavibes.com
  • Jaduga.com
  • 360nobs.com
  • Last.fm


Naijaloaded.com.ng of course is the first on my list today and actually is worth it. It is considered one of the best sites you can download music in Nigeria. However, it is not just for MP3 files, you can also see highlights of videos of music you have never heard.

Whatever genre of music you want can be downloaded on this website for free and the process is really simple. Naijaloaded was launched in 2009 by Azzez Makinde and has over 120 million monthly visits. It is on the top today because it is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria for making downloads.


Tooxclusive.com just like the number one on my like today is one of the most visited websites for downloading music in Nigeria. On the site, you can search for the song you want with the artist’s name or song title.

It is free to use. And there are also highlights of news, videos, and others that are happening in the showbiz world. Tooxclusive.com gives you the option to actually listen to the song before proceeding to download it on your device.


Notjustok.com is actually the freest MP3 download website in Nigeria and it gives you more songs. If you are searching for a download site to have peace of mind and download your favorite tracks to your device for free, then search further. Check out Notjustok.com today and enjoy music. You can also video music videos of your favorite artists and read celebrity news for free.


MP3bullet.com is yet another leading site for making MP3 downloads to your device for free. They deliver both international and Nigerian music. It functions as a blog today, where you can read celebrity news, watch videos and find out about the upcoming and past nominations and awards.


9jaflaver.com is quite new compared to some of the top download sites, but it is still found in the top list. And that’s because it is worth using for making your mp3 download for free. On 9jaflaver you can read as much news as you want, download videos, music, and also comedy right to your device. Check out 9jaflaver.com today to make your favorite mp3 download without pay or creating an account.


Now, my list won’t be complete with Naijapals.com. It is one of the most visited and most popular music download sites in Nigeria. Well, it is not yet a website for music, but also for news, music videos, celebrity romance, and relationship news, etc. The site is open to download any type of music you want for free. Searching for a one bus stop, then try Naijapals.com today.


Naijavibes.com is yet another popular and awesome website with great songs from your favorite artists from across the globe. That means you can download both National and International songs for free. Whatever genre you want, you can find it on Naijavibes.com.


Jaduga is a quite reputable mp3 download site for downloading both local and international music for free. It also offers other forms of entertainment such as videos, news, etc. Trust once you visit this site, you’ll be glad you did. So all you can have to download is to visit the website and start making your MP3 Downloads.


This is another of the best sites you can use in Nigeria for making your mp3 downloads. However, it is not just a music site, but there’s far more you can do for free. You can read news both locally and internationally, watch movies and also follow your favorite celebrities on their news.


Last.fm is on my top list today because it is actually one of the best sites for downloading mp3 files. You can get these mp3 files for free, which means you don’t need to create an account or pay for anything. Also, other than making mp3 downloads, you can stream music, both locally and internationally for free.


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