Travel Grants for Artists from Abroad to Perform in Germany in 2021

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Goethe Institute Music Division in Germany is offering a travel grant to artists from abroad to have a performance in Germany in 2021.

This program funding is for music projects of ensembles from developing and transition countries as per the DAC list that cannot afford the cost of an international trip due to their economic situation in their location.

Travel Grants for Artists from Abroad to Perform in Germany in 2021

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Travel Grants for Artists is for professional ensembles and artists as well as for amateur and youth ensembles. As a rule, the program, takes the form of a travel grant, so you have to apply for it.

Travel Grants for Artists from Abroad to Perform in Germany 2021 Deadline

Applications for funding programs in Germany must be submitted at least six months before the planned start of the project.

Projects already initiated, i.e., for which travel arrangements (e.g., flights) have already been booked, and are not eligible for funding, because they have been booked.

That is why, before you decide to make any binding reservations, you are required to submit an informal request for approval of early project arrangements, by e-mail or together with your funding application.

Eligibility of Grant

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria;

  • The applicant ensemble must make a demonstration of a high level of musicianship.
  • Cultural significance of the project.
  • The artistic exchange must be made as to the center of a project
  • Coherent program and schedule.


The following are not eligible for the funding;

  • Music projects that are mainly for fundraising purposes.
  • Brief/weekend trips as well as travel majorly for touristic purposes.
  • Folklore events.
  • The projects are aimed at spreading partisan, religious, or ideological views.

Required Documents for Application

  • Completed application forms.
  • Detailed project description about what you want.
  • Audio recording and it must be a recent one.
  • A little history of the foreign ensemble
  • A detailed timetable and schedule of the project.
  • An invitation that is extended by the applicant to the foreign ensemble
  • Two quotes either from the independent tour operators or from an online price comparison portal.
  • A numbered list of participants that are including each participant’s role, date of birth, and place of residence.

The application forms must be submitted by the Cultural Funding Application.

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