Would you love to Turn Your Waste Amazon Ad Spend into Opportunity? There is no doubt that you do not want to spend so much money on ads (advertisements) that wouldn’t work out. With this, we have put this article in place to help you know more about the Amazon advertising strategy.

Turn Your Waste Amazon Ad Spend into Opportunity

In the world today, we can tell that Amazon is taking over the world. Whether you just need cleaning supplies, fashion accessories, digital gadgets, home décor/appliances, or others, Amazon is just here for you. And if you are not a shopper but a seller, there is no doubt your customers may be on Amazon.

Turn Your Waste Amazon Ad Spend into Opportunity

Research has it that millions of people buy products from Amazon. With this, they should know a lot about some brands. Facebook and Google may have their uniqueness but also note that Amazon has got power; why? It just knows what the people are buying and how they tend to do it.

Knowing this, you should start advertising on Amazon. Turn Your Waste Amazon Ad Spend into Opportunity today! You can start attracting more eyes to your business by advertising on this large retailer. Let’s dive in!

Amazon Advertising Strategy 2020

If you have been making use of Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and Display networks, well, you should know there’s nothing better than using the largest online ad network. And for online/e-commerce businesses, Amazon ads are of less effort for you.

We have created this guide to help walk you through the information you need to know about Amazon ads. This will help gain more eyes on your products and even yield ultimate returns.

What are Amazon Ads?

Similar to how the Google search engine works, when you type in the keyword of a product/service you want, you find results. The top results are usually sponsored posts! These are considered to be the Amazon ads (advertisements). On these products, you get to find “Sponsored” or “Ad”.

Advertisers and business owners who seek to gain visibility to their products using Amazon have to pay for these top positions. Which means you have to spend a particular budget to advertise.

How is this possible You have to bid on certain product keywords, which will then lead to top visibility in the Amazon SERPs? From here, the advertiser is charged when a buyer clicks on the ad or sponsored post.

These advertisements also appear on Individual product pages. Well, there are several different types of ads. You will find it right in this guide.

Should You Advertise on Amazon?

Do you sell an amazing product that customers can buy online? If yes, then you should Turn Your Waste Amazon Ad Spending into Opportunity! This retailer provides you with ways to get your products in front of the right audience.

Another amazing reason you should advertise on this platform is that if you engage in Amazon PPC (pay per click), then your rankings in the search will also improve. With this, you do not only get to boost your sales by investing in ads, but you also get to enhance your organic ranking.

Getting Started with Amazon Ads

To start advertising through this online retailer, you will need to log in to your seller/vendor account on the website. If you do not have an account, you can register on https://sell.amazon.com/.

Well, it really does not require too much difficulty to set up your advertising campaign. Let’s check out the steps.

  • Log in to your Seller Account through the link above.
  • From the advertising drop-down, tap on “Campaign Manager”.
  • From here, you have to Set up your campaign budget and ad duration.
  • Here, you also have to select your targeting type.
  • Once this is set, you have to click on “Save and Finish”.

That’s how it works.

Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon has got different types of advertisements you can create and make use of. Let’s check them out.

Sponsored Products

These are the image ads that appear in several different places on the website. They appear in search results and they even look like normal item listings. They help to promote individual item listings.

Once the buyer clicks on this ad, it takes them to the product page, where they get more details.

Sponsored Brands Ad

This form of the advert was formerly known as Headline search ads. They help brand owners to promote their brands and even item portfolios.

They appear as a banner above the search result listings in both the Amazon mobile app and website. This is just another valuable ad type for brands out there.

These ads operate as cost-per-click, keyword-driven, and direct customers to a page on the marketplace page. These pages include; a best-selling item, a custom URL, and an AMS brand page.

Product Display Ads

In the year 2019, this marketplace launched this ad type. According to the retail company, the most amazing feature about this ad is to retarget Amazon buyers. Beyond this, these adverts are not just limited to the Amazon Search Engine Results Pages only.

Instead, they appear on Amazon’s advertising network, which includes the official website, as well as the company it owns and partners with. They can be targeted by categories, products, views, and interests.

Video Ads

Videos are a great way to keep people engaged! Why? Most of your competitors may not be using this type of ad. You can display then the main Amazon website, Amazon devices, and even IMDb.


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