What is Twitter analytics? Would you love to know or find out? If you are a digital marketer and you make use of the Twitter social media platform for your marketing, then you should know what the analytics tool on Twitter is.

Gone are the days where you just get to socialize with friends and families on social media platforms. You can now do a whole lot more on these platforms and I don’t know if you have noticed already. With the huge traffic, most social media platforms like Twitter get, it just is the perfect place to get your products and services the exposure they deserve.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

The users and visitors of social media platforms as you may have known by now come from regions of the globe. And what better place to market your products than on social media. Social media marketing, one of the recent means of advertising and yet one of the most effective so far.

Have you ever wondered the reason for this? Well if you have been paying keen attention to whatever it is I have been saying then you should know the reason for this. Well, this article is all about Twitter analytics. In order to get a full understanding of what the term twitter analytics means, you will first need to know what the term analytics means in terms of digital marketing.

Analytics is just a term used in digital marketing. This is not just a term, but a very important term. Digital marketing analytics is a translation of your customer’s behavior in regard to your business to actual actionable business data.

Analytics tools in today’s business world in terms of digital marketing are very important. Analytics tools help marketers examine and follow up with channels that their buyers might interact with and in the process identify and utilize new opportunities from various existing ad campaigns to generate revenue.

Twitter analytics however helps analyze your tweet data in the bid to understand your followers. Analytics on Twitter shows you how your audiences on the platform are responding to your content. Trust me, when it comes to marketing on Twitter, every tweet you make, the word you drop or post, photo, and video you post is important.

With Twitter analytics, you get to know what’s working and what’s not on the platform. You can therefore use the data gotten from the analytics report to optimize your campaigns on Twitter in the future in a bid to get better results.

How To Access Twitter Analytics

Anyone can get access to the Twitter analytics page. This Twitter feature is open to everyone on the Twitter platform as long as you are an account holder. If on the other hand, you don’t have a Twitter account, you will need to create one now so as to have access to your Twitter analytics page.

To create a Twitter account, go to Twitter Sign Up Page. Whether you are an individual, business, company, or brand, you can have access to this page. To get access to the Twitter analytics page, log in to your Twitter account.

Click on the More tab on the left-hand column on your Twitter account page. Scroll down and select analytics. Or you can simply or alternatively go to Twitter Analytics for direct access to this page. But before you can have access to this page, you will need to turn on analytics for your account.

How To Turn On Twitter Analytics For Your Twitter Account

Just as mentioned already, you will need to turn on the feature on your account in order to get access to the features of the tool. To turn this feature on for your account;

The Twitter analytics tool and service is not available to all regions and languages at the moment. Your account also should be at least 14 days old.


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